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Report: End of Summer term 2017

We always like to end our summer term in style so on 25 July 2017 the Cubs, leaders and parents enjoyed an evening at Nowhurst Camp Site.

We started off with an investiture and asked the District Commissioner to present some awards (before we presented her with a surprise). Then it was over to the camp fire for some songs including some led by the three Cubs that were leaving us to go to Scouts. We ended the evening with marshmallows on sticks that Mike had prepared during the evening.

We were delighted to see such a good attendance from Cubs and their families. Cubs is not just kids stuff – there is challenge and adventure for adults too so if you are a Cub parent who enjoyed the evening why not come along to one of our camps or expeditions?


End of term at Nowhurst - photo gallery
More photos from Nowhurst

Jacala – 30 years
During the presentations the District Commissioner caught Jacala unawares as he thought that HQ had delayed presentation of his award to mark 30 years of service as a leader. We aren’t sure how but Kath had managed to find one which was a lovely surprise.
Nick was Assistant Cub Leader at 2nd Bracknell from 1985 to 1993 and then Cub Leader from 1998 to 2006 when he moved to Sussex. He joined us in November 2006 before becoming the leader in 2008. In 2012 he stepped back to become Assistant Cub Leader again. He also ran Cubs at Stubbington House boarding school (in Ascot) in the early 1990s and 1st Wood End Cub pack in North Warwickshire from 1994 to 1997.
2nd Bracknell nominated Nick for the award of merit and then surprised him by turning up at a camp at Nowhurst in 2013 to present it.

Viewing the captions for our photos
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Report: Gold rush weekend at Nowhurst

Our weekend camp in June 2017 took us back to the Spider Site at Nowhurst camp site near Broadbridge Heath.

We’d heard that there was gold in them there hills and so set off to discover more about the Californian Gold Rush and to look for gold ourselves. We were delighted to have 20 Cubs on our guest list which with our support team made it one of the largest camps we have had for a while.

Once unpacked on Friday evening we started with a wide game in the woods. Saturday morning started earlier than expected for some of us with some of the Cubs making enough noise to need a visit from Jacala and Akela from 4.30am – more or less as soon as it got light. After a brief shower of rain early Saturday morning the weather switched to gold rush mode too with lots of lovely sunshine. On Saturday morning we found out some more golden facts and made jumping frogs – just like the frogs of Calaveras County in the story by Mark Twain.

On Saturday afternoon the Cubs went prospecting with a whole list of activities and challenges to do. These included panning for gold and also rope making which was part of the pioneer badge that we had been working on. Being in the wild west we included a sharpshooter challenge which turned out to be surprisingly difficult. Activities on Saturday ended with our usual camp fire (built by Rama), songs and of course hot chocolate.

On Sunday the time raced by once the Cubs had been inspected, packed away their gear and swept out their tents. They still had time to collect firewood and make fires using sparks from a flint and steel rather than matches.

More photos from Nowhurst
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We’re grateful everybody that helped us run the weekend – starting off with the parents who loaded up their cars to transport the gear to site and then helped pitch the tents. Then to Caroline and Chil for helping Marian in the kitchen and to Jacala, Tabaqui, Akela, Shere Khan, Rann, Rama, Craig and Kaa for running the activities.

A special mention to the Harris family who all turned out to help us, despite no longer having any family members in 1st Billingshurst. It is always great to see our former members and we’re really grateful for all your hard work over the weekend.

Also to Rann who as a parent of a new Cub decided to take the plunge and join us for the weekend. We were able to present him with his camper badge to recognise that it was his first night away with us (and hopefully not the last).

We’re always short of adults who want to camp overnight with us or help in the kitchen so do let us know if you fancy coming along. We need a minimum number of adults on site overnight.

You can keep up with what is going on at camp by following us on social media. We tweet occasional messages each day but the main photo stream is on our instagram account.

If you enjoyed the gold rush weekend then don’t forget to register for our other camps in 2017. We have three more opportunities including our week-long summer camp in August. Registration is via My Scout.

Event: Gold Rush weekend camp

We’ve heard that there is gold in them there hills and so our weekend camp in June takes us just up the road to Nowhurst to find out. It will be a level 3 camp as we will be sleeping in tents.

What to do now: Please see the joining instructions and kit list

We’d like help transporting the kit on Friday. If you can help please meet us at the Scout Hut between 3.30pm and 4pm. Thanks to those who took gear after Cubs on Tuesday

Where: We will be camping on the Spider Site at Nowhurst Camp Site near Broadbridge Heath.

Directions: You will need to make your own way to and from the site. You may like to follow our directions. Whichever way you come you will end up on Nowhurst Lane which is narrow and twisty so please drive slowly, respecting the neighbours and other parents who may have already dropped off and be departing.

When: We start at 7pm on Friday 9 June and run through until 4pm on Sunday 11 June with a closing ceremony at 3.30pm.

What: We’ll have a full weekend of activities to keep us busy as we live life as a prospector. We’ll be making shelters, panning for gold and as usual the Cubs will be cooking their own lunch on fires that they have made. We’ll also have plenty of time for games in the woods. a camp fire on Saturday evening and a few other challenges on the way.

Who: Camp was open to all our members but the guest list has now closed. With Nowhurst being just up the road it is an ideal event for first time campers (in which case you may find our camping with the cubs page useful).
We’d welcome extra adults to help us during the weekend, especially taking gear to site on the Friday afternoon and pitching the tents. Do talk to a leader if you are interested.

Guest list at 9 June (20):

  • Abigail (paid, HF)
  • Amelia (paid, HF)
  • Daniel (paid, HF)
  • Elliott (paid, HF)
  • Emilia (paid, HF)
  • Emily (paid, HF)
  • Harry (paid, HF)
  • James S (paid, HF)
  • James W (paid, HF)
  • Jasmine (paid, HF)
  • Joshua (paid, HF)
  • Kristian (paid, HF)
  • Lucybelle (paid, HF)
  • Luke (paid, HF)
  • Martha (paid, HF)
  • Megan (paid, HF)
  • Poppy (paid, HF)
  • Tommy (paid, HF)
  • Violet (paid, HF)
  • William (paid, HF)

Cost: The cost of the weekend is £29 but as usual we are using our Parbrook Cashback to keep down the costs that you have to pay. This reduces the camp fees to £25.

Remember that we can only offer Parbrook Cashback discounts if you help us by raising money when you shop online. Use the app or donation reminder toolbar to make sure that you don’t miss out on any donations. For more information and to sign up please visit our Easyfundraising page.

Booking: The guest list is now closed.
Once booked, please complete our online health form (shown as HF on our guest list when we have received a completed one). We need a new one from you every time we go away, just so that we know the information is completely up to date.

Bring: We have now issued the joining instructions which includes the kit list for this camp. There is nothing particularly unusual required for this camp. Remember that there is no electricity on site so you’ll need a good torch for those night time trips to the loo although the night is quite short at this time of year. Don’t forget that you must arrive at camp in your uniform.

Previous camps: We often visit the Spider Site at Nowhurst, both to camp and for our end of term evening in July. Have a look at our reports from past events to remind yourself what it is like.


Report: Weekend camp at Nowhurst

Our weekend camp in June 2016 took us back to Nowhurst camp site near Broadbridge Heath. It may just be 15 minutes away but it is a world of difference.

Some unfortunately timed heavy rain made putting up tents rather tricky and the long grass on the site seemed to make everything even wetter. By the time the Cubs arrived things were looking drier.

Our activities over the weekend included tree identification, tracking and a fiendish team challenge involving candles, canes and blindfolds – you’ll have to see the pictures to see how that worked. We ended the day with a spectacular camp fire built by Hawkeye and John and invited each team to lead a song. On Sunday we were pleased to be joined by families for our Sunday funday where we made our usual toasted sandwiches and baked bananas.

More photos from Nowhurst
Click for more photos from Nowhurst

We’re grateful to Hawkeye for helping Marian in the kitchen and to Kaa, John and Tabaqui for running the activities. Also to Akela, Ali and Sally who managed to get all the tents up in the rain and down in the dry. We’re always short of adults who want to camp overnight with us or help in the kitchen so do let us know if you fancy helping. We need a minimum number of adults on site overnight.

You can keep up with what is going on at camp by following us on social media. We tweet occasional messages each day but the main photo stream is on our instagram account.

Report: End of summer term 2016

On 19 July 2016 we took our pack meeting to Nowhurst to celebrate the end of the Summer Term.

It was one of the hottest days of the year but pleasantly cool under the Nowhurst trees. We had a busy programme of activities to fit in.

We started by collecting wood for the fire which was lit by Mike and John while the Cubs had a wide game in the woods. Then we made a special presentation to Raksha who was celebrating 40 years as a 1st Billingshurst leader. After that we asked our Group Scout Leader, Glyn, to invest Keego as an Assistant Cub Leader. After some more photos and toasted marshmallows we were almost out of time but just squeezed in some camp fire songs and presented the badges earned at the sailing taster.

As usual we were pleased to be joined by so many family members and friends of the pack.

End of term at Nowhurst - photo gallery
More photos from Nowhurst

Raksha – 40 years
In 2016 Phyllis Gravett, Raksha, received her 40 years service award. This represented an amazing commitment to 1st Billingshurst where she helped with both Dauxwood and Parbrook Cub packs and to Petworth & Pulborough District where she was badge secretary. Jacala has only known Raksha for the 10 years he has been at Parbrook but we looked back through our archives to see her in action

You can see those photos online