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Joining: Museum sleepover

Our museum sleepover is fast approaching so here is the information that you will need if you are joining us on the trip.

What to do now

Wrap up warmly as the journey to Chichester looks as if it will be a chilly one. Make sure that your Cub can carry their bag. There has been disruption on Southern today and our train left London a few minutes late but is on its way

When is the sleepover?

We start on Friday evening 1 December and finish on Saturday afternoon 2 December. Meet at the station at 1735 on Friday. On Saturday afternoon the camp ends at the Scout Hut at 5pm.

Where is the sleepover?

The camp is being held at the Novium museum in Chichester. It is a great museum which is built over the remains of a Roman bath house. The museum will be closed to the public while we are there.

How do we get there?

We will be travelling to Chichester by train. On Friday evening the Cubs should arrive at Billingshurst station (Tesco side) by 1735 (for the 1749 train – check if it is on time). If you are not there on time we will be unable to wait for you.
We have to change trains at Barnham on both the outward and return journey. We then have to walk across Chichester to get to the museum. We are grateful to Caroline for volunteering to accompany us on this journey.

What is on the programme

Our sleepover begins after the museum has closed and you will explore the museum by torchlight before more activities and a special bedtime story high up in the Tim Peake gallery which is where we will be sleeping.
On Saturday we return to the Scout Hut for a day of activities.

What to wear

You must arrive wearing your uniform. This means your cub sweatshirt, group scarf and uniform trousers. You should wear comfortable shoes, e.g. trainers, that are suitable to walk across Chichester but will also be suitable for indoor use. Make sure that you bring a warm, waterproof coat (plus gloves and a warm hat if the weather looks as if you might need them) as we have to walk from the station to the museum, whatever the weather. We also have a bit of a chilly wait on the platform at Barnham where we change trains.

What to bring

We’ve published the kit list which tells you what else to bring. Note that aerosols are not allowed. Please consider how you pack your gear as each Cub (and leader) will need to carry their own. The museum itself (and the Scout Hut) is warm inside and so we should not be cold when we arrive. We have reduced the kit list for this camp to minimise the amount that you need to carry. Rather than the usual bedding roll you may like to pack all your kit in a bag that can be carried or wheeled. Remember that the Cubs will have to look after their kit on the train and carry it through Chichester (15 minute walk).

What are the sleeping arrangements?

The whole group will be sleeping on the floor of the Tim Peake gallery. All the Cubs and leaders will be in the same room but we will have separate changing areas.

Is there any paperwork to do?

As usual you needed to complete our online health and emergency contact form (HF). Thanks to everybody for sending them through and for paying your camp fees in plenty of time.

Who is on the guest list?

We (at 25 Nov) have 17 Cubs on the guest list:

  • Abigail (Paid+HF)
  • Daniel (Paid+HF)
  • Emily (Paid+HF)
  • Evan (Paid+HF)
  • Finley K (Paid+HF)
  • James (Paid+HF)
  • Jasmine (Paid+HF)
  • Joshua (Paid+HF)
  • Katie (Paid+HF)
  • Kristian (Paid+HF)
  • Lucybelle (Paid+HF)
  • Luke (Paid+HF)
  • Martha (Paid+HF)
  • Poppy (Paid+HF)
  • Thomas B (Paid+HF)
  • Tommy (Paid+HF)
  • Violet (Paid+HF)

What about food?

Food is slightly different for this camp. Please make sure that you have had your dinner before you come as there will just be a light snack and drink during the evening. On Saturday we will have breakfast at the museum before having a normal camp style lunch at the hall.
You must not bring food or drink to the museum (although you can bring a water bottle if you need one for the journey or overnight). As usual we do not allow the Cubs to have sweets at camp.

Pills and potions

If you require any medication during the weekend please ensure that it is clearly labelled and has been mentioned on your health form. On this occasion the Cubs will need to keep their medication in their bags.

Last minute checklist

We’ll keep the web page updated until Friday lunchtime. After that all updates will be via Twitter so remember to follow @parbrookcubs, text follow parbrookcubs to 86444 or check our twitter feed at www.twitter.com/parbrookcubs. We also hope to provide photos from the site on our instagram feed – www.instagram.com/parbrookcubs

We are looking forward to a great weekend. Please check the weather forecast and come prepared for the weather. If you have any last minute questions or concerns do get in touch. Contact information is provided on the kit list.


Report: County day at Amberley

On 6 June 2015 we were pleased to join Cubs from across East and West Sussex for the County Cub Day at Amberley Museum. We bumped into Cubs from Storrington in our District but also from as far away as Rustington, Hove and Hastings.

We made the most of the lovely weather as we explored the museum and met the craftsmen. We got to make our own woggles at the wood turners and print a certificate in the printing workshop. As there was a naturalist badge theme we also did some pond dipping.

We are grateful to the volunteers at Amberley Museum for giving us such a good day.

For more pictures see our Amberley gallery

We decided that the Cubs had not done enough to complete their naturalist badge but that they would qualify for their local knowledge badge instead plus having one hike added to their hike away score. We’ll pick up the rest of the naturalist badge at our camps this summer. In addition to our badges, each Cub got a souvenir badge for their camp blanket, a certificate and a free ticket that allows admission to the museum again this summer.

About Amberley: Amberley Museum and Heritage Centre is a 36 acre site set in the South Downs National Park. Dedicated to the industrial heritage of the South East, exhibits include a narrow-gauge railway and bus service (both provide free nostalgic travel around the site), Connected Earth telecommunications hall, electricity hall, printing workshop and much more. The Museum is also home to traditional crafts people, such as the blacksmith and potter. Visitors can enjoy hot and cold refreshments in the Limeburners and purchase souvenirs and books in the gift shop.

Joining: Amberley Museum

We’re joining Cubs from across West and East Sussex for a naturalists badge workshop at Amberley Museum on Saturday 6 June. The detailed programme has now been issued and we can now confirm the arrangements.

Summary of arrangements
When Saturday 6 June
Meet Billingshurst Station, Tesco side at 0930 (for 0944 train)
Wear Uniform with appropriate coat etc for weather
Bring Packed lunch and water bottle, pocket money (limit £3), 50p for wood turning
Return Billingshurst Station, school side at 1630
To do now Enjoy the day

Meet: At Billingshurst railway station, Tesco side, at 9.30am. We will be catching the 0945 train to Amberley. Don’t be late as the train won’t wait. We’ll return on the 1617 from Amberley, due in to Billingshurst at 1629. (You can check here for Billingshurst train departures to see if we are on time)

Wear: You must wear your uniform (Cub t-shirt and scarf will be fine) but also bring other clothes appropriate to the weather on the day. We hope this might mean a sun hat but a waterproof could still be handy for sitting on at lunchtime. There is a lot of walking during the day so make sure you have comfy, stout shoes.

Bring: You will need to bring a packed lunch and drink plus a water bottle to keep you refreshed during the day. Pack it all in a day sack that you can carry. You should also bring a pen/pencil to allow you to complete the worksheets and challenges necessary to complete the badge.

Pocket money: We will get a chance to visit the shop but this will be for souvenirs rather than sweets. We suggest that you limit pocket money to £3. In addition you will need to bring a 50p coin for the wood turning.

Wood turning: Last year we were unable to take part in this activity which other groups told us was very good. We’ve registered for it this year and have a booked session at 1130. However, please note that there is a 50p per person charge that is payable on the day so make sure that you bring that extra money with you.

Timetable: We will be able to make our own way to most of the activities during the day. We will stay together as a group. In addition to the regular activities we’ll also be able to see the flying displays by Hawking About. Our ticket includes one trip on the steam train and one trip on the bus.

  • 0957: Arrive Amberley and book in
  • 1015: Our starting point is Connected Earth
  • 1120: Meet at wood turning for 1130 session (50p per person cost to be paid on the day)
  • 1420: Pond dipping
  • 1450: Time to visit the shop
  • 1600: Collect our badges
  • 1617: Train departs Amberley

Badges: Those that have completed all the tasks will be presented with their naturalist badges before leaving the site. You will also get a special (non-uniform) souvenir badge of the day, a certificate printed by the Amberley printers and a complimentary ticket so that you can visit Amberley again this year.

Guest list: We paid the organisers before Easter which seems ages ago so here is a reminder of the 11 Cubs who registered to accompany Akela, Jacala and Tabaqui:

  • Adam
  • Ethan
  • Kinley
  • Clementine
  • James
  • Isabella
  • Ellie
  • Max
  • William
  • Daniel
  • Robin

We now have a full set of health forms and everybody has paid. Thank you

About Amberley: Amberley Museum and Heritage Centre is a 36 acre site set in the South Downs National Park. Dedicated to the industrial heritage of the South East, exhibits include a narrow-gauge railway and bus service (both provide free nostalgic travel around the site), Connected Earth telecommunications hall, electricity hall, printing workshop and much more. The Museum is also home to traditional crafts people, such as the blacksmith and potter. Visitors can enjoy hot and cold refreshments in the Limeburners and purchase souvenirs and books in the gift shop.

Report: Portsmouth Dockyard

On Saturday 21 March 2015 we joined Cubs from across Petworth & Pulborough District on a visit to the Historic Dockyard at Portsmouth. Our 9 Cubs and 4 adults travelled by one of the three coaches arranged by the District. Ours started in Billingshurst and then picked up Cubs from Wisborough Green and Ifold en route.

Once we got into the Dockyard we explored the many decks of  HMS Warrior (lots of steep ladders) and had a rather chilly boat trip round the harbour. After a lunch stop it was onto HMS Victory (low ceilings) before we visited the new Mary Rose museum.

After all the good behaviour in the museums we let off steam in the hands on “Action Stations” area where the rock climbing and simulator proved popular. Then it was time to get back on the coach for the journey home.

As usual we used our Parbrook Cashback to subsidise the coach travel, reducing the cost by £6. We can only continue to do this if you support us by clicking through from Easyfundraising when you are shopping online.

For more pictures please see our
Portsmouth gallery

Thanks to Jacala for providing the photos

Those that followed us (@ParbrookCubs) on Twitter or checked the home page of the website for our Twitter feed got extra information (including pictures) during the day:

Last time: We last visited Portsmouth in 2011

Web links
You can keep up to date with the ships we saw in the harbour

Event: Portsmouth Dockyard, Saturday 21 March

We’re going to visit Portsmouth Historic Dockyard on Saturday 21 March. Our tickets will give access to all the attractions at the dockyard and the price includes coach travel too.

Where: We’ll be visiting the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

When: Our trip takes place on Saturday 21 March. Timings are now confirmed. Our coach will start from the layby outside the Primary School on Station Road. We leave at 8.15am so please try to arrive at around 8am so that the coach is not delayed. Our coach will then continue to Wisborough Green to pick up more Cubs there (at 8.30am). For the return journey we expect to leave Portsmouth at 4.30pm and will call at Wisborough Green before returning to the stop in Station Road. We have not been given arrival times but expect that we should be back at about 5.45pm. As usual we’ll update you on our progress via Twitter.

Transport: We will travel to Portsmouth Harbour by coach. These have been organised by the District.

About Portsmouth dockyard: Situated within a working naval base, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard is the only place in the world to see the Royal Navy past, present and future. Featuring the new Mary Rose Museum and the chance to explore world famous ships HMS Victory and HMS Warrior 1860. Also including the National Museum Royal Navy Portsmouth, Action Stations and a harbour tours by boat there’s plenty to see and do.

What: Our combined ticket will give admission to all the attractions in the Historic Dockyard. We’ll split into smaller groups to avoid swamping each attraction with Cubs. We’ll probably save the Action Stations activity centre until last to allow the Cubs to let off steam before we head back to the coach.

Who: Our trip has been open to all our Cubs but the guest list is now closed. We have now confirmed the numbers to the District as follows:

  • 5 Adults: Jacala, Baloo, Hawkeye, Kaa, Laura Hill
  • 1 Young leader: Tabaqui
  • 10 Cubs: Harry, Lily, Adam P, Alex, Daniel, Jim, Lucas, Isabella, George, Max

Cost: The District has set the costs for admission to the Dockyard and coach travel. The cost for Cubs is £26. We’ve previously advertised this at £20 so will use our Parbrook Cashback to make up the difference. Remember that we can only continue to offer our Cashback discounts if you contine to raise money for us through Easyfundraising. If you have booked a place then please note that your admission & coach fees are now due.

Wear: You should wear your uniform. We’ll be out in public so want to look smart. The site has both indoor and outdoor exhibits so please dress appropriately for the weather.

Bring: You should bring a packed lunch. There is a museum shop which you can visit during the day. We suggest that you limit pocket money to £3. You will be responsible for your own pocket money and souvenirs. You may like to bring something to do quietly on the coach.

Paperwork: As usual for our trips and expeditions you will need to complete a health form nearer the time giving an emergency contact for all Cubs that are on the trip. The emergency contact cannot be an adult who is on the trip although we would like a mobile number for them too. We’ve used our new Eventbrite site to handle these bookings. Everybody on the guest list should have received an e-ticket but you will not need to bring a paper copy.

Previous visit: It has been a long time since we last visited the Historic Dockyard. You can see our report from 2011.