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Points competition – December 2016


Our last points competition of 2016 saw a short month with only 3 pack meetings. However, there were still a few stragglers who gained their personal safety badge and of course points for those that came to the District Promise Party to help increase the scores.

With all the sixes fairly close together it was the Blues that pulled into the lead, partly due to their good attendance and taking part in all our activities.

Our Cub of the Month was Harry who has recently joined us from Dauxwood. As well as being a keen and regular attendee with us, he’s also had a number of badges awarded by his old pack which have helped his score.

For more about how the competition works see our points competition page.


Report: Cubs100 Promise Party

On 16 December 2016 the District held a Promise Party to celebrate the end of the Cubs Centenary year. We were pleased that 12 of our Cubs were able to join the party.

Our evening started with a camp fire although some Cubs were a bit concerned that Joe worked in a dial factory and not a button factory as he does when we sing about him.

Cubs started in 1916 and so at 19:16 (7.16pm) we joined Cubs from across the country renewing our Promise. We even had a special birthday cake shaped like a camp fire.


Google has changed the way it displays our photos so click on the first one and then the white “i” in the top corner to see our captions in the info window on the right of the screen.

We’re grateful to the District team for organising the evening, especially the Easbourne leaders.

Points competition – November 2016


It has been another high scoring month with more of our older Cubs working towards their Silver Awards and completing challenge badges (+30 points each) along the way. In addition, many of the Cubs completed their personal safety badge and earned a nice +20. We also added in points for those that came along to the Remembrance Sunday parade.

It was the yellows who once again ended up on top this month. However, the greens were not miles behind which is good to see.

Well done to Abi who jumped ahead by completing her silver award this month and ended up as our Cub of the Month. She was last our Cub of the Month in March 2016 and in addition to her award work was helped on her way by becoming the new Sixer of the Yellows (+25).

For more about how the competition works see our points competition page.

Report: Remembrance 2016

At 1st Billingshurst we are proud of our links with the Royal British Legion and were pleased to be part of the village Remembrance Sunday parade on Sunday 13 November.

We selected Cubs to do the following jobs:

  • Colour bearer (to carry our flag). Our eldest Cub: Max
  • Colour party (2 Cubs to escort our flag on the parade): Ethan and William
  • Wreath bearer (to lay our wreath at the war memorial). Our Cub of the month for October: Aiden (and our new Cub Harry laid the wreath for Dauxwood Cubs)

It was a lovely sunny day for a parade and everybody looked very smart as we marched through the village.

On Tuesday 15 November we used our pack meeting to help out the British Legion by opening the collection pots from around the village. The money inside had to be counted, bagged and most importantly noted down so that the people knew how much they had collected. It was a busy evening with everybody involved. At the end of the evening we confirmed that the total counted was over £1800.

We do this every year so can compare the totals that we counted.

  • In 2007 we counted £766 which we thought was pretty good going.
  • In 2008 we counted an amazing £1766 including over £400 in notes
  • In 2009 we counted £784.22 although being 10 November some of the tins were still collecting and so it is not a complete total for the area.
  • In 2010 we counted a staggering £1538, much to the delight of Stan from the British Legion.
  • In 2011 we counted a fantastic £2206.47, possibly helped by it being 90 years of the British Legion.
  • In 2012 we counted £1619.70. An amazing total donated by the people of Billingshurst and the surrounding area.
  • We don’t have a figure for 2013
  • In 2014 out total came to £2222 – our highest ever
  • In 2015 we counted just over £2000 but being 10 November some of the tins were still collecting and so it is not a complete total for the area
  • In 2016 the total came to £1862 which is less than recent years. However, the British Legion told us that they had already banked £3500 which makes this year’s collection a very healthy total
Photos from the parade

Thanks to Jacala for providing the photos from Remembrance Sunday. Being at the back of our group rather limited the photos so if you have any photos of us in the parade that we can use please e-mail them to Jacala.

Welcome back to the Autumn Term

Hello everyone and welcome back after the half term break.

So as the big countdown to Christmas begins, we’ve got lots to tell you and so here’s some important information for the coming weeks ahead.

Christmas Activities
A bit of a strange one but can all of our cubs please bring in the cardboard tubes from 4 toilet rolls please. We don’t need them until Nov 22nd when our christmas activities begin and they make great Christmas crackers!

Remembrance Sunday parade
On 13 November we’ll be joining the rest of the group in the British Legion’s Remembrance Sunday parade and service. We hope that all our Cubs will be able to attend this important village event. We’ve sent you a message from OSM so that you can let us know if you can come. All the details that we have about the parade are on the website.

On the following Tuesday, 15 November, we’ll be helping the British Legion by opening the poppy collection boxes and counting the money. It is always a very busy evening and so we’d welcome a few extra adults to help supervise.

Group bag packing
On Saturday 19 November the group will be bag packing at Pulborough Tesco. We’ve not been given any particular slot so if you are available please come along for an hour or so. We expect to have more details nearer the time.

Christmas Fayre
On Saturday 26 November the group is holding its Christmas Fayre in the hall from 10-12. In preparation for this we are sending each Cub home with some raffle tickets this week. We hope that you will be able to sell them. Please return counterfoils, money and any unsold tickets to us by Tuesday 22 November at the latest.

District Promise Party
The Cubs centenary year is drawing to a close but there is still one national event left. Cubs was started on 16 December 1916 and so the District is holding a Promise Party on 16 December. We’ll be meeting Cubs from all the groups for a fun packed evening at Rother College, Midhurst. All the details are online at https://parbrook.wordpress.com/2 016/10/29/event-promise-party/. At 19:16 (7:16pm) all Cubs across the UK will re-make their Promise but there will also be camp fire songs and hopefully birthday cake. You can register on OSM if you’d like to come – either reply to the e-mail we sent or log onto your My Scout account and find the Promise Party under “events”.

Put your stamp on Christmas
The group is again running its stamp design competition for the Christmas Post service. There will be 4 stamp designs and one will be from designs submitted by the Cubs and Brownies. We don’t have long for you to come up with a design as they must be in to us by Tuesday 15 November. Stamps will be on sale at the Christmas Fayre and the Billifest and first day covers will be available.

We know that we have some good artists amongst the Cubs so would like to get one of our stamps into the selection this year as it is Cubs centenary. It has been several years since a Parbrook design has been chosen so we hope that you can come up with some good ones for the judges to pick. The entry form is online at http://www.1stbillingshurst.org. uk/christmaspost.pdf – remember that your design will be quite small when on a stamp so bold and colourful designs work best.

Thanks to everybody for paying your subs by half term. It is a great relief for us to have the money in without having to do too much chasing. We’re trying to move to online payments to avoid having cash or cheques lying around that have to then be taken to the bank. We’re grateful to everybody that already pays us this way.

Painless fundraising
While the group sticks to its traditional methods of fundraising, e.g. raffle tickets, we’re grateful to those that support our painless fundraising when you shop online. For just a few extra clicks you can earn us money on your purchase. It doesn’t cost you any extra but has already earned us £295 this year. This money stays with Parbrook Cubs and can be used to keep the costs of our camps and expeditions down. See https://parbrook.wordpress.com/fundraising/ for more information and tell your friends and family so that they can support us when they shop online in the run up to Christmas. We’ve already earned £40 in the October to December quarter but hope to see this number increase as more shopping is done online at this time of year.

Thanks for your contuniued support and we look forward to seeing you all back at cubs on Tuesday evening.

Kind regards,