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Sunflower progress

We launched our sunflower competition on 6 May when we sent you home with your seeds in a pot. Since then things have progressed nicely and we are now hearing about sunflowers that are as tall as a Cub.

We’ve got quite a few pictures now so have put the newest ones first.

The tallest flower that was reported to us was Jacala’s 2.5m monster, closely followed by Adam’s 2.34m. Well done to all our growers. Hopefully the birds will enjoy the seeds.

We’ve heard that Alex, Zack and Akela did not manage to grow their sunflowers.


Changes to Summer camp

Our Summer Camp this year takes us to Downe Scout Activity Centre in our usual week in August.

We’ve recently noticed that numbers on our activities have been falling – whether a Saturday activity such as the communicators badge or camps. Summer camp is no exception, with just 9 of our 26 Cubs booking for the first part of the week (mini-camp) and 5 for the full week.

Sadly we have not had any late additions to our guest list and have made the difficult decision that camp will now end on Wednesday evening and not Saturday as originally planned. We’re sorry for any disappointment caused to those who, like Akela who is on her last camp with us, wanted to camp for the whole week.

Please see the updated summer camp page for the latest information and links to the health form.

As you can see from our bookings graph, numbers are similarly low for our cycle picnic and the weekend camp in September. We need to know numbers before the end of term as camp is early in September. Even if you don’t plan to come please complete the reply form so that we know.


Event: Weekend camp

Our weekend camp in September takes us just up the road to Nowhurst where we’ll be having a Scouting skills weekend. There will be plenty of time for the usual camp fires and wide games too. It will be a level 3 camp as we will be sleeping in tents.

Where: We will be camping on the Spider Site at Nowhurst Camp Site near Broadbridge Heath.

Directions: You will need to make your own way to and from the site. You may like to follow our directions. Whichever way you come you will end up on the narrow lanes so please drive carefully.

When: We start at 7pm on Friday 12 September and run through until 3.30pm on Sunday 14 September with a closing ceremony at 3.15pm.

What: We’ll have a full weekend of activities to keep us busy. On Sunday the Cubs will be cooking their own lunch on fires that they have made. We’ll also have plenty of time for games in the woods and a few other challenges on the way.

Who: Camp is open to all our invested members but sadly not our visiting Beavers or those that are only joining us in the Autumn term. The guest list is now closed and is as follows:

  • 17 Cubs – Ollie, Craig, Zack, Theo, Aiden, Harry, Luke P, Alex, Lily, Adam S, Jamie, Grace, Isabella, Lauren, Daniel, Ethan, Olivia and Holly
  • Helpers camping – Tabaqui, Scott
  • Adults camping – Jacala, Hawkeye (Fri night), Marian (Sat night), Caroline, Matt
  • Adults visiting – Tracy (kitchen helper), Steve/Nova (Sat), Raksha, Bagheera (Sun)

Cost: As usual we are using our Parbrook Cashback to keep down the costs that you have to pay. Our camp fees are £20 and you just need a £10 deposit to reserve your place. The remaining £10 will need to be paid before camp (or next week perhaps).

Paperwork: Thank you all for returning your paperwork – we have a complete set of health forms

Bring: The kit list shows all that you need to bring. There is nothing particularly unusual required for this camp. Remember that there is no electricity on site so you’ll need a good torch for those night time trips to the loo and the evenings are getting dark quite early now. Don’t forget that you must arrive at camp in your uniform. The weather is getting colder at night too so make sure you bring at least 1 warm blanket to keep you cosy overnight plus your welly boots for first thing in the morning when the grass is wet.

Previous camps: We last camped on the Spider Site at Nowhurst in June 2013 but we also visited it in July for our end of term evening. Have a look at our reports from past events to remind you what it is like – just click on the reports link at the top of the page.

Report: Billingshurst Show 2014

This year the theme for the Billingshurst Show was Brazil.

Our float was a mixture of Amazon rain forest, World Cup football and samba dancers. We had made some of the decorations at our Brazil Camp and others in pack meetings. We’d also made all the shakers which worked so well as an accompaniment to the parade.

As usual we were overlooked by the judges but thanks to all that supported us on the day and to the Cubs for playing their part so well. A special thank you to our van driver, the parents that helped construct the float and to Juliet Wilson for setting up our panning for gold stall while we were building the float. Team Parbrook in action.

For more pictures please see our
Billingshurst Show gallery

Thanks to Jacala for providing the photos

Report: Brazil camp

Our weekend camp in June 2014 took us back to Walton Firs camp site near Cobham.

We’d picked up the Billingshurst Show theme of Brazil and used it for our theme. So we climbed Sugarloaf Mountain, went into the gold mines and of course trekked through the Amazon jungle on the infamous adventure course.

Although the forecast had been for a hot and sunny weekend, things changed early on Saturday morning when we had a thunderstorm and some very heavy rain. No noise from the Cubs though. We found out later that Billingshurst had experienced a severe thunderstorm around the same time so we’d done well to be away. Everything was fine until we headed to the adventure course on Sunday where parts of it were so muddy we decided not to use them.

For more pictures please see our
Brazil camp gallery

Thanks to Jacala for providing the photos