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Report: paddle sport taster

On 14 July 2018 we had the opportunity to join a paddle sport taster session organised by the District. Although originally scheduled to be held in Ashington where we did the rafting last year, the venue was changed to the Wey and Arun Canal at Drungewick Slipway.

Before the Cubs could head to the water there was the all important safety briefing during which they were fitted with their buoyancy aids. Then it was onto the water. During the hour long session the Cubs had the chance to try various water craft. Some of them even managed to stay in them although there were quite a few splashes.


Click the album to see pictures from our paddle sport testerGoogle has changed the way it displays our photos so click on the first one and then the white “i” in the top corner to see our captions in the info window on the right of the screen.

We’ve got lots of photos from the event but think that this one is definitely worth drawing attention to – we call it “challenge accepted“. You’ll also find it in context in our photo album.

Thanks to Jacala for providing the photos, to the District team for providing such a great afternoon and to all the Cubs for trying the different craft so enthusiastically.

Cubs participating were: Emily, Martha, Rohan, James, Luke, Philip, Harry, Jasmine, Izzy, Violet, Finn, Adam and Poppy.

All of the Cubs that took part gained an extra event on their time on the water badge. Note that badges themselves are only presented at 1, 2 and 5 events so not everybody will get one this time.


Report: pack meeting – pioneering

For our pack meeting on 22 May 2018 we brought in the experts to help us with a spot of pioneering.

In record time the Cubs had lashed together the poles and the bridge was taking shape. The whole pack managed to cross the bridge before it was dismantled and the field returned to normal.

We are very grateful to Chris and Dave for running this activity for us.

Click the album to see more pictures from the event

Once in the photo album remember to click on the picture and then the white “i” in the top corner to see our captions. Thanks to Jacala for the pictures.

Report: Pack meeting at Brinsbury

On 13 March 2018 we took our pack meeting to Stablebarn Farm which is part of Brinsbury College.

After getting changed into their overalls and welly boots the Cubs were able to visit the shed to see the sheep and lambs. This is the third year that we have visited Brinsbury but the first time we have actually seen lambs being born.


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Thanks to Akela for the pictures

Event: Paddle sport taster, Sat 14 July

Following the successful rafting sessions in pack meetings last summer the District paddle sport team have arranged some taster sessions for this term.

What to do now: Please check the information on this page carefully as it has been updated with more details about the day, including a change of location. Parking is very limited so please car share if possible

What: The District team is offering a “try a boat” session. Each session gives an hour of time on the water. There will be a large fleet of paddle craft available and each Cub will be able to try paddling as many of those as they wish. The list of available craft is likely to include kayak, open canoe, sit-on-top kayak, stand up paddle board, inflatable canoe, traditional raft and dinghy.

Where: the venue has now changed to the Wey and Arun canal. This is a fantastic location near Loxwood where the team has run evens for the Scouts a number of times. The canal has been widened at the Drungewick slipway which gives us plenty of space to use all our boats. It also allows us to paddle upstream with more competent paddlers. There is space for spectators and the option to walk along the towpath if you wish. The postcode of the new venue is RH14 0RS. If you are coming from Billingshurst direction follow Drungewick Lane (very narrow), cross over the canal bridge and take the entrance approx 100 yard on the left as the road bends right. See our directions online. If dropping off we suggest that you then continue north on Drungewick Lane, returning to Billingshurst via Loxwood Road and avoiding meeting others heading to the event.
Please note that car parking is extremely limited and we encourage car sharing where possible.

When: Our time on the water starts at 14:30 but you will need to arrive around 14:10 to allow time to get changed. We have an hour on the water so should be finished at 15:45

Wear: You should wear appropriate clothes for the event and you will get wet so include a towel and a change of clothes for the journey home. Note that uniform is not required but that you will have a buoyancy aid which must be worn when on any of the water craft. A wetsuit may be worn if you have one. There is a risk of injury from anything sharp at the bottom of the canal so footwear is compulsory. Old trainers or water shoes are perfect. Just remember to bring a dry pair to travel home in. The event will take place in all but the most extreme weather so please dress appropriately for the weather on the day, including bringing hats and sun cream if necessary.

Cost: The cost is £5 per person but we’ve used our Parbrook Cashback to reduce this to £3. This money has been paid to the organisers.

Badges: You will gain a time on the water credit towards that staged badge and will also complete Nautical Skills stage 1. It will also be a new sport for your Skills challenge.

Who: This event was open to all of our Cubs. Our session will be joint with Cubs from 1st Billingshurst’s Dauxwood pack and each pack has 12 places which have now been filled.
Parents are welcome to stay and watch and may be able to use a sit-on-top kayak. If you wish to do so then please ensure you have adequate personal kit with you.

Guest list at 10 July. We now filled all our places, paid the organisers and have all the forms in. Thank you.

  1. Emily (Pd+HF)
  2. Philip (Pd+HF)
  3. Poppy (Pd+HF)
  4. Violet (Pd+HF)
  5. Luke (Pd+HF)
  6. Finn (Pd+HF)
  7. Harry (Pd+HF)
  8. Martha (Pd+HF)
  9. Rohan (Pd+HF)
  10. James (Pd+HF)
  11. Jasmine (Pd+HF)
  12. Izzy (Pd+HF)

Reserve list: Lucybelle, Thomas B, Thomas H

Swimming ability: The Scout Association rules state that all participants should be able to swim 50m in light clothing in order to participate in water sports. However as the canal is only a few metres across we are able to relax this restriction slightly. Please indicate your child’s swimming ability on the form so that we can closely monitor any weaker swimmers. All Cubs will have buoyancy aids and the instructors will be close by so really you just need to be sure that you will be confident in the water, in the likely event that you do fall in.

Existing cuts or broken skin: All open water carries a risk of leptospirosis (Weil’s disease). In order to mitigate this risk please ensure you cover all open cuts or broken skin with a waterproof plaster.

Paperwork: Please complete this special online health form which has extra information needed for this event



Report: Pack meeting on the train

On  6 March 2018 we took our pack meeting to Horsham Station. We travelled by train of course as the evening was part of the Go-learn programme provided by Southern and the Sussex Community Rail Partnership.

We started the programme with a week of learning about trains and railway safety in the hall with Angie from the CRP. Then it was off to the station with Andrew from Southern to put it into practice.

The first step was to get our tickets for the journey – special Cub ones of course. Then our party of 23 Cubs and 6 adults was ready to board the 1830 to Horsham.

We had two I-Spy books to work through – one for the train journey and another to help us explore Horsham station. The time flew by with trains coming and going before it was time for us to get the train home again


Google has changed the way it displays our photos so click on the first one and then the white “i” in the top corner to see our captions in the info window on the right of the screen.

Thanks to Rann and Caroline for coming with us. We certainly need extra adults when we are out and about. Remember – Cubs is not just kids stuff – we’re always pleased to have more helpers and there are lots of ways that you can help us.

We are very grateful to GTR/Southern and the Sussex CRP for letting us take part in their Go-Learn programme and to Angie and Andrew for spending time with us to help us work through it.