Points competition – Six and Cub of the month

Our best six points competition includes a monthly award to the six of the month, starting from a zero score at the start of each month. We also see which Cub has scored the most points and present them with our special “Cub of the month” woggle.

Earning points
There are lots of ways to earn points.

  • +5 when you earn a “joining in” year badge
  • +10 if you are there when we call “pack pack pack” at 6.30
  • +10 if you get a perfect score in inspection at the start of our meetings
  • +15 when you represent us at an event
  • +20 when you earn an activity badge
  • +25 when you become a sixer or second
  • +30 when you earn a challenge badge or your Silver Award
  • Be the winner or the winning team in a game and your six will get points
  • Be the first six ready when asked and your team will get extra points

More about inspection
We will start most evenings with inspection. Each cub is marked out of ten points so what will we be looking for?

  • You will be assessed to see how smart you look
  • Is your scarf folded correctly with at least 3 “chevrons” pointing downwards?
  • Are your badges are in the right place?
  • Are your hands clean?

Losing points
Of course in addition to giving points we can also take them away. In particular, if your behaviour is bad enough for you to be sent into the corner you will lose 10 points.

Best six
Each month we will make an award to the best six and this will be displayed on the Cubs notice board and also posted on here in our latest news section.

Personal points
Although all the points are added up to see which is the best six we also record the score against individuals. Our Cub of the month gets to wear our special woggle for a month.

Why did we introduce a points competition?
We want to try and make the sixes work better as a team and so the points competition will give them a reason to pull together. We hope that it will also help improve behaviour as those who are behaving badly should be stopped by other members of the six to prevent them losing points. Other groups operate similar systems successfully.

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