Moving on to Scouts

As one of our most senior Cubs you might be wondering what happens next. You are probably getting to the stage where Cubs isn’t giving you the challenges that you need but don’t despair. Now that you are over the age of 10 it is time to think about moving on to Scouts.

At 1st Billingshurst we have two active Scout Troops which you can move into, allowing you to continue your Scouting as many have done before you.

  • Arun Scouts meet on a Monday evening between 6.35pm and 8.05pm
  • Downlands Scouts meet on a Friday evening between 6.30 and 8pm

Like us, sometimes the Scout Troops get busy and may not be able to accept new members. We will discuss options with you when the time comes.

Moving on
Once you have been offered a place in Scouts you should attend the Troop meetings for a period of about four weeks (in addition to attending your normal Pack meetings) so that you can see what life in Scouts is like. Both troops meet at the Scout Hut. You should wear your Cub uniform when you attend their meetings.

As a Cub you will work on your “Moving On” award when you join Scouts. This is intended to help you make a smooth transfer to the Troop and can be worn on your new Scout uniform. Hopefully during this time you will complete your Scout Membership award so that by the end of the period you will be ready to be invested into Scouts.

Flying up
A date for your departure from the Cub pack will be agreed with the Scout leaders. This will be the Tuesday before you are invested in Scouts (which often takes place at the end of a half term).

At the end of the pack meeting we will hold a flying up ceremony. You should wear your new Scout shirt under your Cub sweatshirt. After saying your goodbyes to the Pack and receiving your Moving On award from Akela you fly over the rope and into Scouts. You can then remove your sweatshirt and throw it back over the rope to the Pack. Your Scout leader will welcome you into Scouts. You will then be invested (by saying your Scout Law and Promise) at the next Scout meeting.

When to move on
The group moving on policy is that you will generally start visiting Scouts at the start of the half term in which you will be 10½. You will then fly up from Cubs towards the end of that half term. Anybody choosing not to go to Scouts would leave us at the end of that half term.

Cub badges on your Scout uniform
There are several badges that you will need to transfer:

  • Chief Scout’s Silver Award (can be worn on your Scout uniform until you earn your Gold award)
  • highest badge of any of the blue staged activity badges (e.g. nights away)
  • Most recent joining in award (year star)
  • West Sussex scout and guide joint activity badge

You may also need to transfer your district/county badge, world membership badge and your 1st Billingshurst nametape but do check with the Scout leaders as they may give you a new set (as we do for Beavers joining us).

You can download a diagram showing where the badges go on your Scout shirt.

When you are visiting Scouts you should still come to Cubs and so you continue to pay us your Subs. Once you have been invested then you pay Scouts. If you fly up before half term you pay half a term to Cubs and half a term to Scouts. If you fly up after half term then you pay the whole term to Cubs and then start paying Scouts from the next term.

Finishing off your Cub badges
If you don’t already have it, now is a good time to have a look in the badges part of My Scout to see what you have left to do to complete your Chief Scout’s Silver Award. Often the personal challenge is one badge left until last. Have a word with the leaders if you are unclear what you need to do.

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