Information for parent helpers

We are very grateful for the level of support we receive from our parents. We know that for some of you it will be the first time you have helped out at a pack meeting and understand that you may have some questions. Hopefully the information below will help you out. We need the extra support but also want to ensure that you have an enjoyable evening.

Do I need to be DBS checked?
It is not essential that you have been DBS checked to help us with our pack meetings. We would ask that you go through this check if you wanted to help us regularly or with one of our camps or expeditions. All of our leaders have the enhanced DBS check and also undertake the Scout Association’s own check.

Can I bring my son/daughter?
We recognise that sometimes you may need to bring other children with you. This is fine but you must remember that they remain your responsibility at all times. They can normally join in with the activities if you feel it would be appropriate.

What would you like to be called?
You should give some thought to how you would like to be addressed by the Cubs. You will be introduced to everybody at the start of the meeting.

What’s the theme for the week I’m helping?
We try to stick to the programme as much as we can. This should give you an idea of the main theme of the evening. There will also be games and other routine tasks. Have a look at the programme tab in My Scout for more details about the week that you will be helping.

Pre-Meeting Briefing
It is useful to be able to have a quick chat at the start of the meeting so that we can run through the plans for the rest of the evening. As you know, the start and end of the meeting can be quite a hectic time. The leaders try to arrive by 6.20pm so if you could possibly arrive a bit early as well it would give us the chance to talk before the howling hordes arrive.

What sort of things am I expected to do?
We need extra adults to help us with discipline during the meetings. You will probably be asked to do some of the following things:

  • Looking after one of our teams (Sixes). We’re trying to get them to work better as a team but sometimes they need a bit of extra help.
  • Inspection – we try to start the evening with this. We check each Cub to make sure that their uniform is smart and clean and the badges are in the right place. We look to see if the scarf has at least 3 “v” and that their hands are clean. Each Cub is marked out of 10 points which goes towards our points competition.
  • Assist in the running of games – generally we play team games. Tasks for our helpers may include calling out the numbers, looking after a team or keeping track of the scores. The leaders will explain the game to you and the Cubs before they start playing. We don’t generally encourage adults to participate in the games (except for Parents v Cubs week).
  • Help with activities – the activities vary from week to week but you help could include working with small groups (Sixes) to make sure they understand what has been said, encouragement and advice with spelling. Generally the leaders will present something to the whole group before we then break into smaller groups for the detailed work.
  • Help the leaders keep control. One of the biggest problems you will quickly discover is noise. We try not to expect too much, after all the Cubs aren’t in school. However, there are times when quiet is required and normal good manners should be enough to stop the children talking when a leader or helper is trying to explain something. This is particularly the case during flag break and flag down where good behaviour is expected. When a leader puts up their right hand the Cubs are expected to be quiet and put up their hand to show they understand.
    You will quickly see that the biggest problem we have is getting everybody to be quiet and to stay quiet while we explain the next activity. An extra pair of eyes targeting the noisy Cubs is invaluable. Don’t wait to be asked – if you spot a Cub being disruptive please feel free to tackle them. Unfortunately, the leaders can’t always see what is going on as they have to deal with the needs of the whole group rather than one disruptive individual. This is where you come in.

Will we be outside?
During the Summer Term part or all of our meeting is often outside – weather permitting. Some of the tracks in the woods can be a little muddy and the grass on the field is long and may be wet. It can also become a little chilly for those of us not running around. In addition, the midges can be very annoying so you may like to bring a hat.

Emergency Exits
There are two exits from the hall. One is through the main doors. The other is via the fire exit in the hall. Once out of those doors follow the edge of the building round to the right. The assembly point following any emergency is the grass area outside our fence and next to the tennis club.

What happens if I cannot come?
Sometimes it will not be possible to help on the week you have chosen. Please try to arrange a swap with another parent so that we are not left without any help. It is probably easier for you to do this through your contacts than for us to try and find somebody who is free at short notice.

I enjoyed it. Can I help again?
We’re always looking for people to join our team on a regular basis. Have a look at our join us page for an idea of some of the roles that are available.

Thanks for helping
We are grateful to those parents that are able to come along and help. At the end of the meeting things are a bit hectic and Akela may forget to actually say thank you but we do appreciate it and hope you have an enjoyable evening.

Don’t forget that you can download your own copy of the programme. We hope you have an enjoyable pack meeting.


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