When you join something like the Cubs, you know that there will inevitably be money involved. Paying membership fees is bad enough but then there can be raffle tickets, jumble sales and sponsored events on top. It all gets a bit much and sometimes it feels as if you are always putting your hand in your pocket for more money.
At Parbrook we try to do things differently – hence our painless fundraising. The idea is that raising money for us does not end up costing you more. As you can see from the graph below, money raised this way generally brings used to bring £700-£800 a year into our funds. These days we only have our online fundraising but still get around £300 a year.


Latest: Apr18 – our Easyfundraising statement for Oct-Dec17 is now in. Thanks to all our online shoppers who helped us raise £44 in the quarter. That takes our total for the year to a nice £254. It is a bit down when compared to last year so don’t forget to support us when you shop online

How does it work?
Painless fundraising has three components:

  • online shopping throughout the year via easy fundraising
  • ½p per internet search throughout the year when you use easy search. (These donations are included in our Easy Fundraising total)
  • donations received when we used to pack bags in Budgens at Christmas

Online shopping
Our total raised through online shopping has now reached over £2900. We’ve not managed to beat 2014 which was a record year for us with £513 earned, just by our supporters shopping online. Not bad when it is money for nothing. It doesn’t cost you more so please try and remember to click through.
Originally called, our shop changed to Spend and Raise bringing over 1000 shops into our scheme. In 2013 they were taken over by Easy Fundraising, giving us access to their “donation reminder” toolbar. Now you don’t even have to visit the Easy Fundraising site – the toolbar will tell you when you can earn commission.

Online shopping with Easy Fundraising
When you click through to your shopping site from we get commission on your purchases. Retailers include Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Camping World, Halfords, Thompson & Morgan, Carphone Warehouse and many more. You can also earn money when you book your holiday or flights with sites like Expedia, and With over 3000 retailers you won’t remember them all – but the Donation Reminder toolbar will. Just download it and you’ll be prompted every time you visit a site that can earn us commisison. If you use your phone or tablet to do your shopping then why not download the Easyfundraising app. It makes it even easier to make sure that we get donations when you are shopping online. So easy, why not?

 Remember to tick the Gift Aid box when you register with Easy Fundraising. Money raised by Gift Aid is claimed back centrally by the Group and was worth £95 for them in 2016.

Online searching with Easy Search
By using easy search instead of Google or any other search engine, you can make a real difference. Easy search is completely free and by making just 10 searches a day, you could raise around £20 a year for our funds. Just go to when you want to do an internet search and we get ½p per search. Doesn’t sound like much but it has earned us over £25 so far, mainly with just Jacala doing it. If more people start searching, the money should come flooding in.

Who should I support?
Easy Fundraising is a popular site and is used by us at Parbrook Cubs, the group (1st Billingshurst) and Billingshurst Primary School amongst others. You can only support one cause so who should get your support? We are used to competing with the school for things like the Active Kids vouchers. It has many more pupils than we have Cubs and so we hope that you will be able to support us on this occasion. So what about 1st Billingshurst? We set the group up with its Easyfundraising account after being frustrated that it was not taking advantage of this sort of painless fundraising. However, money raised this way goes into the central Scout and Guide group accounts where it is lost in the general pot of other fundraising such as the Billingshurst Show and Christmas Fayre (which we also actively support). When you support Parbrook Cubs the money stays with the Cubs (although the group benefits from Gift Aid on your donations). Better than that, it doesn’t just vanish into the accounts. Our Parbrook Cashback means that everybody in our pack can see the benefits from the money raised – whether they have raised some of it or not. All our camps and expeditions are subsidised this way to ensure that you pay reduced fees. We have also used this money to buy new camping equipment – putting an end to using patrol tents at all but our most popular camps. In fact we seldom ask the group for any funding, preferring to use money that you have raised for us to directly benefit our members. We can only continue to do this if the money continues to come in. You raise it for us – we spend it on you.

Making it clearer
We try to make it clear where we have subsidised the amounts that you are being asked to pay. Your reductions will be shown as “Parbrook Cashback” to remind you that the savings are only available because the money has been raised elsewhere – if you keep shopping, we’ll keep earning.


Let us know what you think.

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