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Points competition – December 2015


December proved to be another close month for the points. with three sixes all within around 30 points. Well done to the Reds for finishing in first place.

We’re pleased to record that the Cub of the Month for December was Ethan.

For more about how the competition works see our points competition page.


Points competition – November 2015


After the very close competition in October things couldn’t have been more different in November with almost 500 points separating top and bottom. Points this month include those awarded for participating in the Remembrance Sunday parade. The Blues were also helped by Lily gaining her Chief Scout’s Silver award (+30) by completing a number of the challenge awards (also +30 each).

Given the badgework points it is no surprise that Lily was our Cub of the Month but the prize will be shortlived as she will be flying up to Scouts in December.

For more about how the competition works see our points competition page.

Report: Remembrance 2015

At 1st Billingshurst we are proud of our links with the Royal British Legion and were pleased to be part of the village Remembrance Sunday parade on Sunday 8 November.

We selected Cubs to do the following jobs:

  • Colour bearer (to carry our flag). Our eldest Cub: Olivia
  • Colour party (2 Cubs to escort our flag on the parade): Isabella and Lily
  • Wreath bearer (to lay our wreath at the war memorial). Our Cub of the month for October: Max

On Tuesday 10 November we used our pack meeting to help out the British Legion by opening the collection pots from around the village. The money inside had to be counted, bagged and most importantly noted down so that the people knew how much they had collected. It was a busy evening with everybody involved. At the end of the evening we confirmed that the total counted was just over £2000.

We do this every year so can compare the totals that we counted.

  • In 2007 we counted £766 which we thought was pretty good going.
  • In 2008 we counted an amazing £1766 including over £400 in notes
  • In 2009 we counted £784.22 although being 10 November some of the tins were still collecting and so it is not a complete total for the area.
  • In 2010 we counted a staggering £1538, much to the delight of Stan from the British Legion.
  • In 2011 we counted a fantastic £2206.47, possibly helped by it being 90 years of the British Legion.
  • In 2012 we counted £1619.70. An amazing total donated by the people of Billingshurst and the surrounding area.
  • We don’t have a figure for 2013
  • In 2014 out total came to £2222 – our highest ever
  • In 2015 we counted just over £2000 but being 10 November some of the tins were still collecting and so it is not a complete total for the area
For more pictures please see our Remembrance 2015 gallery

Thanks to Lara and Jacala for providing the photos from Remembrance Sunday

Points competition – October 2015


October was one of the closest competitions we have had for a while with just 9 points separating the top 3 sixes. Good attendance from the Yellows for our half term evening in the woods was just enough to push them into the top spot.

Similarly, Cub of the Month was amazingly close with 5 Cubs being within 5 points of our best Cub, Max. As Cub of the Month for October he gets the chance to lay the wreath on Remembrance Sunday.

For more about how the competition works see our points competition page.

Report: French weekend camp

Our weekend camp in September 2015 took us back to one of our favourite sites at Stedham near Midhurst in the South Downs. We enjoyed finding out about France for our Billingshurst Show float so thought we’d use the theme for the whole weekend. There was plenty of time for the usual camp fires and wide games too. It was a level 3 camp as we slept in tents.

We used to visit Stedham every year but after our camp in 2012 it was put up for sale. This is the first year it has been open since then and we were delighted to find that things were more or less unchanged.

Our French influences were perhaps rather subtle but we included a petanque competition, building the Eiffel Tower, storming the Bastille and even got to taste some French cheeses. Although the nights were cold the days were beautifully sunny, helping us enjoy the lovely views of the South Downs.

Our guest list was:

  • 15 Cubs – Abi, Aiden, Craig, Daniel, Ethan, Henry, James, Kinley, Lily, Max, Robin, Theo
  • 1 Scout – Holly
  • Leaders and helpers – Akela, Jacala, Tabaqui, Hawkeye, Marian, John, Andrew (Chil), Jane (Sat), Phoenix (Sun), Mike (Sun)

We’re grateful to all the helpers who came along to make it such a good weekend.

For more pictures please see our Weekend camp gallery

Thanks to Jacala & Tabaqui for providing the photos