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Report: Summer Camp 2014

For Summer Camp 2014 we returned to Downe Scout Activity Centre near Biggin Hill.

Being on the doorstep of Down House, former home of Charles Darwin, our theme was the naturalist’s badge but there was plenty of time for the usual camp fires, wide games and on site activities too. It was a level 3 camp as we slept in tents.

Summer Camp is always in the same week in mid-August. This year we started on the afternoon of Sunday 10 August and ran through until 5.30pm on Wednesday 13 August. We would normally camp for the whole week but unfortunately only had 5 Cubs wanting to do that bit which was not enough to make it viable.

Our guest list was:

  • 15 Cubs – Grace, Lauren, Zack, Adam M, Jake, Ollie, Gareth, Olivia, James, Lily, Luke P, Adam S, Alex, Holly and Harry
  • Helpers camping – Tabaqui
  • Adults camping – Akela, Jacala, Marian, Kelly (Sun), Hathi (Mon-Wed), Kaa (Tue)

At the end of the camp we had some goodbyes to say as Akela, Zack, Jake and James would not be with us when term started again in September.

For more pictures please see our
Summer Camp gallery

Thanks to Jacala & Tabaqui for providing the photos


Report: Overnight camp

Our overnight camp in December 2014 gave a chance for first time campers to try a night away without going too far afield. We also worked on the navigator badge.

Although we started at 10am, some of our campers were busy on Saturday morning so joined us after lunch. In addition to the badgework we used the smaller numbers to try out some new games for the pack.

On Saturday afternoon we were joined by Akela for a trip to the woods where we found things rather muddy.

Marian was pleased to be joined by Mel in the kitchen. As usual they managed to produce us some amazing food including butterscotch pudding and ice cream.

For more pictures please see our Navigator badge weekend gallery

Thanks to Jacala and Tabaqui for providing the photos

Report: Bag packing 2014

Cub Scout Law
Cubs Scouts always do their best,
think of others before themselves and
do a good turn every day.

At Christmas the shops can be very busy and shoppers become increasingly frazzled. We like to do our good turn by helping the Budgens shoppers pack their bags on the two Saturdays before Christmas. We were pleased that 11 of our Cubs were able to take part and a special mention to Lauren and Lily who both did double shifts.

  • Saturday 13 Dec, 10 to 11.30 – Lily, Aiden, Adam P, Lauren
  • Saturday 13 Dec, 11.30 to 1 – Jim, Ethan, Lily
  • Saturday 20 Dec, 10 to 11.30 – Grace, Craig, Lauren, Olivia
  • Saturday 20 Dec, 11.30 to 1 – Isabella, Alex

Although this is not about raising money, we do have collection buckets for donations.


This year we collected £237 in week 1 and £210 in week 2 – making a grand total of £447. Our total was a little down on previous years because we only packed at the rear checkouts, thus missing the shoppers at the front of the store. The money we raise stays with Parbrook Cubs where we use it to subsidise our subs and camps, reducing the costs that you have to pay. Those that were able to help us will get a thank you from us in the form of a Subs discount in January.

We’re grateful to Budgens for continuing to let us help out their customers at Christmas. Thank you to all the shoppers who donated and well done to all our bag packers and helpers. All the Cubs that attended got extra points for the December points competition and it also counts towards their Promise challenge.

We have a few more pictures in our
Bag packing gallery

Report: Remembrance 2014

At 1st Billingshurst we are proud of our links with the Royal British Legion and were pleased to be part of the village Remembrance Sunday parade on Sunday 9 November. We selected Cubs to do the following jobs:

  • Colour bearer (to carry our flag). Our eldest Cub: James
  • Colour party (2 Cubs to escort our flag on the parade): Harry and Jake
  • Wreath bearer (to lay our wreath at the war memorial). Our Cub of the month for October: Lauren

On Tuesday 11 November (Remembrance Day itself) we used our pack meeting to help out the British Legion by opening the collection pots from around the village. The money inside had to be counted, bagged and most importantly noted down so that the people knew how much they had collected. It was a busy evening with everybody involved. At the end of the evening we confirmed that the total counted was £2222. We do this every year so can compare the totals that we counted.

  • In 2007 we counted £766 which we thought was pretty good going.
  • In 2008 we counted an amazing £1766 including over £400 in notes
  • In 2009 we counted £784.22 although being 10 November some of the tins were still collecting and so it is not a complete total for the area.
  • In 2010 we counted a staggering £1538, much to the delight of Stan from the British Legion.
  • In 2011 we counted a fantastic £2206.47, possibly helped by it being 90 years of the British Legion.
  • In 2012 we counted £1619.70. An amazing total donated by the people of Billingshurst and the surrounding area.
  • We don’t have a figure for 2013
  • In 2014 out total came to £2222 – our highest ever
For more pictures please see our Remembrance gallery

Thanks to Hathi for providing the photos from Remembrance Sunday

Report: Lord Mayor’s Show 2014

On Saturday 8 November 2014 we headed up to London for the day.

After a trip to Victoria on the train we visited Buckingham Palace before heading to Tower Hill on the District Line. We had a look at the poppies through the crowds at the Tower of London before returning to Blackfriars and the Embankment. As we had our lunch the Lord Mayor’s parade started to go past. We saw the Christ’s Hospital school band and other attractions, ending with the Lord Mayor himself in his amazing golden coach.

After that we walked back along the Embankment to Trafalgar Square and Horseguards Parade to Whitehall. We had a look into Downing Street as we passed by. We had hoped to get permission to go into Downing Street as we have done in previous years but this was turned down by Number 10. Our final stop was the field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey before we made our way back to Victoria, passing Scotland Yard on the way.

The chance to see the poppies at the Tower of London meant that we had more interest from adults than usual and so we were delighted to have such a big party. This proved particularly helpful when a poorly Jacala had to leave early.

For more pictures please see our
Lord Mayor’s Show gallery

Thanks to Jacala, Matt and Katie for providing the photos