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Event: Summer camp 2018

Summer Camp is our main camp of the year and gives a chance to camp with us for more than just a weekend. We have got all week so there will be plenty of time for the usual camp fires, wide games and on site activities too. It will be a level 3 camp as we will be sleeping in tents.

Where: We will be camping at Downe Scout Activity Centre near Biggin Hill.

Directions: You will need to make your own way to and from the site. You may like to follow our directions. We’ll publish more details in our joining instructions. Whichever way you come you will end up on the narrow country lanes so please drive carefully.

When: Summer Camp is always in the same week in mid-August. This year we start on the afternoon of Sunday 12 August and will run through until lunchtime on Saturday 18 August.
We encourage you to come for the whole week as things are so much more relaxed than a weekend when we cram everything in. We also find that the Cubs get used to sleeping in the tents so by the end of the week end up sleeping in rather than waking the leaders at first light.
For those that think a 6 nights is a long time to be at camp we are also offering our usual 3 night mini camp option which ends at 5.30pm on Wednesday 15 August.

What: Our on site activities include the adventure course, abseiling, grass sledging and the crate challenge. We’ll also be hiking to Down House, former home of Charles Darwin. Our camping field has plenty of space for games and adjoins woods that form part of the site making it ideal for exploring, shelter building and wide games. We also plan to end every evening with camp fire songs.

Badges: In addition to those all important nights and hikes away we hope to work on the backwoods cooking badge plus adventure and outdoor challenges. We are still working out the detailed programme.

Cost: Activity centre costs seem to keep going up and that puts pressure on our attempts to keep camp fees low. As usual we are using a big chunk of the money you have raised for us through painless fundraising to subsidise the camp fees. That means that we are able to charge just £100 for the camp including all food, fees and activities. The camp fee for mini campers will be £70. This is less than we charged last year – largely because being a Scout run site they do not charge us VAT.
You can reserve your place by paying a deposit of £28 (full) or £18 (mini) with the balance paid at times to suit you as long as all fees are paid before camp.

Who: Camp is open to all our Cubs. We are limited to a total of 12 campers because of the size of groups that are allowed to take part in the activities.

On 20 March the guest list is as follows:

  • Full camp – 9 Cubs – Martha (pd), Emily (dep), Adam (pd), Joshua (pd), Jasmine (pd), Izzy (pd), Thomas (pd), Lucybelle (pd), Violet (dep)
  • Standard mini camp (Su-We) – 3 Cubs – James (pd), Tommy, Luke (dep)
  • Reverse mini camp (Th-Sa) – 1 Cub – Rohan
  • Leaders camping – Tabaqui, Jacala, Helen
  • Adults camping – Marian, Kaa

We do need an extra adults to help transport gear, pitch the tents etc. We will give you the opportunity to say how you can help when you book. See the “helper at camp” section of our join us page to see what sort of help we need.

Paperwork: All our places are taken so if you still want to come please speak to Jacala

View: We last visited Downe in 2014 and you can see our report from that camp on the website via our Reports page. For a more recent summer camp how about checking the report from our Orient Express camp at Blackland Farm in 2017.



Report: Summer Camp 2017

For Summer Camp 2017 we returned to Blackland Farm activity centre near East Grinstead. In what was a rather unsettled summer we did very well with the weather

Our theme was the Orient Express and each day we visited a new country. The Cubs each researched a country to tell us about so that we could complete our passport each day.

Camp ran from Sunday 13 to Saturday 19 August with our mini-campers leaving us on the Wednesday. It was a level 3 camp as we slept in tents. With Sussex100 in 2016 we hadn’t had a proper summer camp since 2015 which meant that none of our campers had been on such a long camp with us.

Our countries and activities were:

  • Sunday – start our journey in London, Make passports & country flags
  • Monday – Paris, France. Climb the Eiffel Tower and abseil from it
  • Tuesday – Munich, Germany. Hike to the Bluebell Railway. Steam train trip
  • Wednesday – Vienna, Austria. Climb the Alps, swim in the River Danube. Celebrate Prangstangen and attend site campfire.
  • Thursday – Budapest, Hungary. Explore the Buda Castle labyrinth and visit the Kassai Valley archery school.
  • Friday – Bucharest, Romania. Cruise the Danube Delta to the Black Sea
  • Saturday – arrive in Istanbul, Turkey – our destination

Our guest list was:

  • Full week (8): Lucybelle, Thomas, Martha, Robin, Violet, Joshua, James, Luke
  • Mini camp (3): Megan, Evan and Poppy
  • Helpers camping at various times – Rann (Su), Lindsay (Mo)
  • Adults camping – Jacala, Marian, Hathi (Th-Sa), Kaa, Tabaqui, Hawkeye (Su-We)
Click to see photos from Blackland Farm

Remember to click on the first picture and then the white “i” in the top corner to see our captions in the info window on the right of the screen.

Thanks to Jacala for providing the photos

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram to see photos from camp while we are there.

Event: Orient Express summer camp

Summer Camp is our main camp of the year – a chance to get away for more than just a weekend. It will be a level 3 camp as we will be sleeping in tents. This year our theme is the Orient Express so we’ll be taking a journey through Europe with a new country to explore each day – all without leaving the campsite.

What to do now if you are on our guest list

Where: We will be camping on the Larks Field at Blackland Farm camp site near East Grinstead. Blackland Farm is run by the Guides and is visited by Billingshurst Primary School pupils in year 6.

Directions: You will need to make your own way to and from the site. You may like to follow our directions. Whichever way you come you will end up on Grinstead Lane which is narrow in places so please drive carefully.

When: We start on site in the afternoon of Sunday 13 August so that those that come back from holiday on Saturday can still join us. Camp will run through until lunchtime on Saturday 19 August.
We encourage you to come for the whole week as things are so much more relaxed than a weekend when we cram everything in. We also find that the Cubs get used to sleeping in the tents so by the end of the week end up sleeping in rather than waking the leaders at first light.
For those that think a week is a long time to be at camp we are also offering our usual 3 night mini camp option which ends on Wednesday afternoon.

What: Our Orient Express theme will take us through Europe with a new country to explore each day – all without leaving the campsite. It promises to be a packed week of activities including:

      • Monday – France – building the Eiffel Tower (crate challenge), visiting the top (abseiling)
      • Tuesday – Germany – picnic hike and visit to the Bluebell Railway
      • Wednesday – Austria – climbing the alps and swimming in the River Danube. Mini-campers go home
      • Thursday – Hungary – Buda Castle caves and archery
      • Friday – Romania – Danube to the Black Sea cruise (open canoeing)

We’ll also have plenty of time for games on the field and a few other challenges on the way plus our evening camp fires.

Who: Camp has been open to all our members but the guest list has now closed.

Guest list at 11 Aug (3+8):

      • Evan (mini – paid+HF)
      • James W (paid+HF)
      • Joshua (paid+HF)
      • Lucybelle (paid+HF)
      • Luke (paid+HF)
      • Martha (paid+HF)
      • Megan (mini – paid+HF)
      • Poppy (mini – paid+HF)
      • Robin (paid+HF)
      • Thomas B (paid+HF)
      • Violet (paid+HF)

Cost: As usual we are using our Parbrook Cashback to keep down the costs that you have to pay. Sadly the costs of activities and camp fees go up every year which makes it harder to keep down costs. Summer camp is always more expensive than our weekend camps because we have to pay for the activities that we do. In addition, sites such as Blackland Farm charge VAT for camp fees and activities – immediately raising their charges by 20%.
We’re subsidising the camp fees by around £30 for mini-campers and £45 for full campers thanks to the money you have raised for us via Easyfundraising. This means that the camp fees are £85 for the mini camp and £125 for the full week. Full payment is now due.

Remember that we can only offer Parbrook Cashback discounts if you help us by raising money when you shop online. Use the app or donation reminder toolbar to make sure that you don’t miss out on any donations. For more information and to sign up please visit our Easyfundraising page.

Bring: The joining instructions include the kit list which has some extra items when compared to a normal weekend camp. Summer camp is different to other camps as we ask for donations of cakes for the kitchen. You’ll also need your swimming kit. To get the best from our international theme there will be some pre-camp research – do ask if you aren’t sure what you need to do.

Previous camps: We last camped at Blackland Farm for Summer Camp in August 2013. Have a look at our reports from past events to see what it is like – just click on the reports link at the top of the page.

Joining: Sussex100 – centenary camp

Our Sussex100 centenary camp starts on Friday 29 July at the South of England Showground, Ardingly and runs through to Monday 1 August.

It is a level 3 camp as we will be sleeping in tents. Each tent will hold up to 9 Cubs and is a different design to those normally used by us at camp.

Summary of arrangements
When Friday 29 July to Monday 1 August 2016
Meet Stane Street bus layby outside Weald School 6th form block by 12.45pm. Our coach is due to depart at 1pm
Wear You must travel in uniform top and scarf
(but Cub t-shirt is fine rather than sweatshirt)
Bring See our updated kit list.
Special items this time include mongoose costume, camp t-shirt, cakes, day bag & water bottle
Return We will be returning to the bus layby and expect to arrive about 2pm. Check Twitter for updates
To do now Check the updated kit list & pack clothes for all weathers. Remember to tag your bags

Transport: The county has arranged coaches for all campers and their personal gear. We’re grateful to the group for paying the cost of the coaches (£13 per person) so that this did not have to be added to the camp fees.
Coaches will leave Billingshurst from outside the Weald School 6th form block on Stane Street at 1pm on Friday. To allow for a punctual departure please arrive by 12.45pm. On Monday afternoon we expect to be back around 2pm but will confirm this en route via Twitter.

Who: We will be camping with Cubs from 1st Billingshurst’s Dauxwood pack. Each tent will have a mixture of Cubs from both packs. Our guest list contains 16 Cubs: Abi, Aiden, Charlie, Ellie, Elliott, Emily, Henry, James, Joshua, Katie, Kinley, Lucybelle, Max, Poppy, Robin and William. Akela, Jacala and Keego will also be camping and travelling on the coach.

Bring: The weather looks to be cooler and more showery than recently so don’t get caught out. Because we are going on the coach please make sure that each bag is tagged with your name and 1st Billingshurst. Remember that your Cub will have to carry their gear from coach to camp so don’t pack more than they can lift. We’ve updated the kit list as there are some extras that you’ll need this time:

  • BRING: Rikki-tikki-tavi costume (made on the preparation day), cake for the kitchen to share, day bag and water bottle (as we will be away from our campsite for most of the day), your yellow camp t-shirt (given out at Nowhurst), anything you need for your “Cubs got talent” performance.
  • DON’T BRING: camp chair, pocket money (nothing to buy)


  • FRIDAY: Arrivals by coach
    Opening ceremony in main arena
  • SATURDAY: Activity zones – Cubs choose where they want to go from Kaa’s krafts, Jungle life, Bandarlog’s activities and Showtime (including Cubs got talent auditions)
    Evening camp fire followed by Jungle Fever in the main arena
  • SUNDAY: Activity zones again
    Cubs got talent final followed by firework extravaganza
  • MONDAY: Cubs 100th birthday party & camp closing ceremony
    Departures by coach

Keep in touch: As usual we hope to be able to keep you up to date from the site. We’ll use Twitter for occasional updates and for messages including coach updates on Monday. Most of the photos will be on our Instagram page. Our tweets can be viewed on the side of our home page if you don’t follow us (see our social media page for more information).
If you need to contact the leaders please consider e-mail (to leaders at as Akela and Jacala can pick up these messages on their phones.

Updates: Please check back to this page as if there are any changes to the arrangements they will be posted here.

Event: Sussex100 – preparation day, Sun 3 Jul

The Sussex100 camp is such a big event that preparation is required before camp. The District has arranged an activity day which we hope that our campers will be able to attend. Information about the camp itself is on our Sussex100 page.

Where: Ashington Community Centre, Foster Lane, Ashington, RH20 3PG. Plenty of car parking available.

When: Sunday 3 July, from 10am to 3.30pm. The day will be split into costume making (10-12), lunch (12-1) and Cubs got talent (1-3.30)

Costume making: The organisers have chosen a Jungle Book theme and we are in the Rikki-tikki-tavi sub camp. This means that we will have to make mongoose costumes. There are three parts to the costume – ears, tails and t-shirt painting. You will need to bring:

  • 1 Alice band (to have the ears fixed to)
  • 2 pairs of brown coloured tights
  • Newspaper (to stuff the tights and make tails as we did for our St George’s Day dragons)
  • 1 plain white T-shirt (named, to be painted)
  • 1 coat hanger (to hang the designer t-shirts up to dry)

Lunch: You will need to bring a packed lunch but the organisers will provide drinks

Cubs got talent: There are 4 categories within Cubs Got Talent, these are:

  • Singing (solo or group/choir)
  • Dance (solo or group)
  • Musical (instrumental i.e. without singing)
  • Speciality (comedy, juggling, hula hoop, acrobatics, ventriloquist

Each pack is expected to enter at least 1 act. Ideally 2 or more. Each act should be made up of Cub Scouts and/or their leaders/assistants and last for approximately 3 minutes. Details of the act need to be notified to the organisers by 24 June. Please bring everything that you need for Cubs Got Talent, i.e.

Voting will be done by the audience completing a slip. One act from each category will be voted for and the act with the highest number of votes in each category will be put through to the main Cubs Got Talent at Sussex100. To make things fair, voters will not be allowed to vote for their own pack. We need 1 act from each category and 2 others of our choice, so a total of 6
acts will be displayed at Sussex100.

Transport: You will need to make your own way to and from Ashington 

Who: This event is only open to Cubs and leaders who are on our Sussex100 guest list. The organisers would welcome extra helpers to help make the costumes in the morning session.

Cost: There is no charge for attending the camp preparation day

Paperwork: You will need to complete our standard health form online nearer the time. This event will be the deadline for handing in the completed health forms for the camp itself.

Wear: Uniform is not required. Please wear suitable clothes for painting in.

This is a District event organised by the Petworth & Pulborough Sussex100 team.