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Report: Night at the Novium

Our night away in December 2017 took us to the Novium Museum in Chichester.

We travelled to Chichester by some rather busy and slightly delayed trains and then had a short walk across a chilly city centre which looked very festive with the Christmas lights up.

When we got to the museum we had an evening of activities tied in to our neanderthal theme. These includes a torchlight treasure hunt, some craft and mammoth making.  At bedtime the adults acted out the story of the Racton Man, the Bronze age man that was discovered in Sussex and is exhibited in the museum. We slept in the Tim Peake gallery under the watchful gaze of the spaceman.

On Saturday we returned to Billingshurst by train for a day of activities at the Scout Hut. We started off discovering more about the UK patron saints – St Andrew’s Day being 30 November was just a couple of days before. Then after lunch we moved further north for our arctic adventure.

We had 17 Cubs on our guest list for the weekend: Abigail, Daniel, Emily, Evan, Finley K, James, Jasmine, Joshua, Katie, Kristian, Lucybelle, Luke, Martha, Poppy, Thomas B, Tommy, Violet

More photos from our night at the museum
Click for more photos from our weekend

Thanks to Fiona and her team at the Novium for looking after us so well. It is a great museum with free admission and we definitely encourage all our Cubs to pop in and see what it looks like in daylight.

We’re grateful to Caroline for joining us for the busy train journey to Chichester. As we were all split up on a busy train it was essential that we had enough adults to do this safely. Thanks also to Toby who joined us for the whole weekend and to Marian who came and looked after our food on Saturday, Tabaqui, Bagheera and Jacala were the leaders on the trip and the photos are from Jacala’s phone so may be not up to the normal quality.

You can always keep up with what is going on at camp by following us on social media. We tweet occasional messages each day but the main photo stream is on our instagram account.


Autumn term update

As usual we have a lot going so here are some updates

October pack meetings

  • There will be no Cubs on 24 October. Although we normally meet in Half Term we are giving it a miss this year. With the current forecast it will probably be wet and windy anyway so maybe not the best time to go to the woods.
  • Our planned visit to Pets at Home that was due to take place on 31 October has been postponed until the new year. We needed additional adult helpers to make up for a number of leaders that were unavailable but sadly only one parent came forward. We won’t be meeting at all that week

Help wanted
There have been a number of evenings this term where we have identified that we need additional adults. We had hoped that by just targetting the weeks where help is most needed and making it easy to sign up using My Scout we would get the helpers that we needed. At the moment we still have gaps for the poppy cash counting evening on 14 November. Don’t leave it to the usual faces – just pop along to My Scout, click on the programme tab and click on the red “I can help” button to sign up.

Home safety badge
Last week we did most of the work required to complete the home safety badge. We sent everybody home with a “useful numbers” form that needs to be completed and returned to us. We have already had a number returned so well done if that includes yours.

Parbrook numbers
Last week we invested 4 new members who all did very well saying their Law and Promise. This has now taken our numbers above 30 and very close to our maximum number which is 32. Although we lose two of our eldest members in December we have another 2 Beavers to come up after half term and more after Christmas. As you’ll have noticed, the hall seems very full and it can get quite noisy. We are fortunate this term to have our three young leaders who have each been managing one of the sixes. However, with 2 of them on D of E work it is likely that we will lose them after Chistmas. This leaves us in a difficult position.
We have decided that until Easter 2018 we will restrict new joiners to just those Beavers that we have already offered a place (because they have a brother or sister already with us). All other Beavers and any new starters will be directed to the Wednesday night Dauxwood pack as they currently have about 15 members.

Activities to do at home
With us about to have a 2 week break from Cubs there are still things that you can do at home.

Other reminders
We still have a few Subs outstanding for the Autumn Term. Those that were invested last week only need to pay us a half term but for everybody else the full £35 is due. Remember to pay us via online banking – our bank details can be found in the “notices” tab of “My Scout”.
We now have 16 Cubs on the list for our night at the museum and then activity day at the hall on 1 & 2 December. We have to confirm final numbers to the museum shortly so if you are still thinking about coming please get your reply in quickly. Again the booking can be made on “My Scout” and everybody who has not yet confirmed will have had an automated chaser message with a link to the event which was sent out on 14 October.

Group fundraising

There are a number of fundraising events that are coming up to raise money for Billinsghurst Scout and Guide group funds

Billingshurst Fireworks – Saturday 21 October
The group will again be doing the teas at the fireworks. Fortunately they are fully staffed with Guide parents but donations of cakes to sell on the night would still be welcome. These can either be delivered to Sally MacPherson or to our GSL, Zoe Jenkins, at the hall on Friday evening during the Downlands Scout meeting (6.30pm to 8pm)

Bag packing at Tesco – Saturday 18 November
The Scouts and Guides will be bag packing at Tesco in Pulborough all day on 18 November. Although no Parbrook leaders are available, Cubs are welcome to join Dauxwood Cubs between 1300 and 1500 although there will be leaders there throughout the day. Cubs should be in uniform.

Billifest – Saturday 2 December
The weekend of our night at the museum camp sees the Billifest taking place in the High Street and Jengers Mead. The group is again running the refreshment stall. While this is under the watchful eye of Helen Pullen, she has asked for additional helpers to drop in and give her a break from time to time. In addition to selling refreshments the Billifest is also a useful showcase for the group and we hope that we might even find a few new leaders at the same time.

Monthly fun draw
The Group Exec is again running its monthly fun draw as a fundraiser for Scouts and Guides. Subscriptions of £10 per number must be paid by 22 October so that the first draw can take place at the Exec meeting at the end of the month. The monthly prize is £10 although there are two months with a £25 prize. More details and an entry form can be downloaded from http ://www . 1stbillingshurst . org . uk/fundraw2017 . pdf

Used postage stamps
The Guides continue to collect used postage stamps. There is a box in the kitchen where you can leave your donations. 


Report: Overnight camp

Our overnight camp in December 2014 gave a chance for first time campers to try a night away without going too far afield. We also worked on the navigator badge.

Although we started at 10am, some of our campers were busy on Saturday morning so joined us after lunch. In addition to the badgework we used the smaller numbers to try out some new games for the pack.

On Saturday afternoon we were joined by Akela for a trip to the woods where we found things rather muddy.

Marian was pleased to be joined by Mel in the kitchen. As usual they managed to produce us some amazing food including butterscotch pudding and ice cream.

For more pictures please see our Navigator badge weekend gallery

Thanks to Jacala and Tabaqui for providing the photos

Event: Overnight camp

We will be holding an overnight camp in the hall starting on Saturday 6 December. We are just sleeping for one night which makes it ideal for first time campers. It will be a level 2 camp.

We will concentrate on the basics – what behaviour is expected, how to look after your gear, what to do at night. We will also have fun and games in the hall and outside. Getting your first night away as a Cub is an important step as some of the other camps we run may not be open to Cubs that have not camped with us. We will be sleeping on the floor inside the hall. During the weekend we will work towards the navigator badge.


  • We still have a few health forms outstanding
  • Don’t forget to bring a packed lunch if you are coming at 10am
  • Dress for the weather as we want to be outside on both days

Guest list
There have been no restrictions on numbers and all our Cubs were invited to attend. However, we have now closed the guest list so that we can finalise the plans. At 30 November we had 14 Cubs on the guest list. Those marked * have not yet returned our online health form:

  • Cubs arriving at 10am: Isabella, Ethan, Craig, Aiden, Lily*, Adam P, Adam S, Daniel*, Max
  • Cubs arriving at 1pm: Calum*, Olly*, Jim, Harry*, Jamie
  • Adults: Jacala, Marian, Tabaqui, Raksha, Bagheera (Sat pm & Sunday), Akela (Sat pm), Mel (kitchen).

The cost of camp is £11 which includes meals from Saturday afternoon and activities throughout the weekend. The same fee applies whether you come before or after lunch on Saturday.

We will start at 10am on Saturday morning. However, some of you have football matches and so the main part of the camp will not start until after lunch (please arrive from 1pm so that we can start activities at 1.30pm). Please let us know what time you plan to arrive by completing the box on the reply form. If it would be helpful to drop off your gear at the hall then we should be there from around 9.30am. On Sunday we will finish at 4pm, with the closing ceremony starting at 3.45pm.

Saturday lunch
Those coming on Saturday morning will need to bring a packed lunch. We will provide drinks. We are assuming that those coming to join us on Saturday afternoon will have had lunch. We will of course be having a cooked meal in the evening and are very grateful to have Marian and Mel looking after things in the kitchen.

What do I need to bring?
We’ve now published the kit list for this camp. There are no particularly different items from the standard kit list. We often have cold weather for this camp and of course everywhere is muddy so please bring suitable warm clothing (e.g. gloves) and welly boots so that we can make the most of being outside. We plan to go out on both days. You’ll also need some clean “indoor shoes” to wear in the hall. These can just be a clean pair of trainers but should not be slippers as they can be dangerous when running about. You should also remember that it can be quite cold sleeping on the floor so make sure you have suitable blankets and a carry mat to go under your sleeping bag.

I’ve not camped before – what kit should I buy?
For more information for first time campers please see our “camping with the Cubs” page. If you are unsure please talk to the leaders before you make any expensive purchases.

Behaviour at camp
Completing your first night away as a Cub opens the door to future camping with us as we won’t always let inexperienced Cubs come on our longer expeditions. However, there is more to camping than just surviving the night. At these camps the leaders are watching to see if the campers are ready to do further camps. For example, we might decide not to allow further camping if the Cub is always being spoken to for disruptive behaviour or is unable to manage their own kit. Having a messy tent or bedroom can make camping miserable for the person concerned and also the people they are sharing with. Similarly, disruptive behaviour can spoil camp for everybody else. In these cases we’d generally ask the person concerned to do the first timers camp again before they would be accepted for other camps. You may like to have a discussion about this with your Cub before they come to camp.

Please don’t bring sweets to camp. There isn’t really time to eat them and we do provide a full meals service.

Badge work
We will be working on the navigator activity badge during the weekend. If you have not already completed it for your outdoor challenge, don’t forget to draw us a poster showing us what your best and worst bits were at camp.

You’ll need to complete our online health form before the event. It is now all done online – no need to print anything out.