Badges and Awards

Changes to some badges from May 2018
As part of its continual programme review, Scout HQ has made changes to the digital maker and air activities staged badges. You can work to either the old or new requirements for existing badges until the end of May 2019. This page links to the Scout HQ website which is showing both old and new requirements. However, our badge record system in My Scout has been updated so that only the new requirements are shown.

We are happy for you to work on activity badges or work towards your challenges at home but it may be a good idea to have a quick word with a leader before you start so that they can tell you what they expect from you and what evidence you will need to bring in.

You can find badge requirements online. We don’t publish badge requirements on our own site as we link to the Scouts national site so that we can be sure that they are up to date.

There are four sorts of badges:

  • activity badges – the round red ones that you wear on your arm. They cover things such as collector, sports enthusiast and martial arts.
  • staged activity badges – the round blue ones that you wear on your arm (just the highest stage that you have earned).  They cover things like nights away but also include musician and swimmer.
  • challenge awards – the hexagonal badges that you wear on the front of your sweatshirt. They are the top badges to earn as they go towards your Chief Scout’s Silver Award. These cover a wider range of subjects.
  • core badges – the World Membership badge, joining in awards

When you have earned your badge you will need to know where to sew it.

Our badge system sends you an e-mail when you have been awarded a badge. You can also log onto My Scout to see progress towards any uncompleted badges. Click on the badges tab and any that are shown partially in grey are work in progress. Select the badge picture and it will show the badge requirements and which parts have been completed.

Skills challenge – work you can do at home
The challenge has a number of skills that are best demonstrated at home. If you are looking for some badgework to do then download our home skills sheet, demonstrate the skills and get them signed off. We’ll do the paperwork if you bring a signed sheet in to Cubs.

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