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Event: St George’s Day Parade, 27 April

As well as being the Patron Saint of England, Baden Powell chose St George to be the Patron Saint of the Scout Movement and traditionally each year on the 23rd April (or the nearest Sunday), Scouts remember the Scout Law and the Promise they have made. 
We expect all our Cubs to attend.

This year the District’s parade is being organised by 1st Easebourne and will take place in Cowdray Park on Sunday 27 April.

Update at 27 April
Heavy showers and cool winds are likely to affect the parade site this afternoon. In addition we have been advised that the grassy areas that are to be used for the parade are now rather wet and muddy after the recent rain.
While we’d like to be able to parade in our uniform tops with no coats on, common sense will prevail and we will be allowed to wear our coats if it is deemed necessary. So please make sure that you wear warm layers under your sweatshirt and bring a waterproof coat with a hood in case the weather takes a turn for the worse. Don’t worry too much about shiny school shoes. If you have waterproof walking boots or welly boots that you can wear under your trousers then it may be the sensible option.

Update at 26 April
Checks made at the rehearsal on Friday evening following recent rain have confirmed that the path across the fields to the ruins is rather wet and muddy (but will still be used). We will also have to remain standing throughout as the grass will be too wet to sit on.
Arrangements have been changed so that the parade will dismiss at the ruins and not march back together to the Rother College

Car parking has been arranged at Midhurst Rother College. This is on the right as you arrive from Billingshurst and Petworth on the A272. Parking is always an issue so please car share where possible and try to arrive early.

13:15 Assemble in the car park at Midhurst Rother College
13:30 Inspection of the groups
14:00 The parade will depart
We leave the college, cross over North Street by the North Street car park and then continue along the Causeway to the Cowdray Ruins. Marshalls will manage the traffic as we cross the A272.
14:30 Service
15:30 The parade will be dismissed at the Cowdray Ruins and make its own way back to the car park.

Parade order
The groups from across Petworth & Pulborough District will parade as follows:

  • Union Standard
  • St. George’s Standard
  • Petworth Town Band
  • District Leaders
  • Easebourne
  • Ashington
  • Billingshurst
  • Fittleworth
  • Harting
  • Ifold
  • Petworth
  • Pulborough & West Chiltington
  • Sullington & Storrington
  • Wisborough Green
  • Explorer Units
  • RISK Network Unit
  • Scout Active Support

You should wear full, smart uniform – no trainers or jeans. Please make sure your scarf is nicely folded and secured at the bottom with a safety pin. Akela will have spare pins on the day and will check your uniform before the formal inspection at the start of the parade.
It is usual that coats are not worn during the parade. Please make sure that you have something warm under your uniform as we will be outside all afternoon. If it is raining we will make a decision on the day.

Colour party
We will need somebody to carry the Parbrook flag. Akela selected Adam M at our Pack Meeting on 22 April. He will need two escorts and we will select them on the day. On arrival at the field the standard bearer will leave our group and will enter later. The escorts will stay with the group. When all are ready the standards will be presented.
There was a rehearsal on Friday 25 April at 7pm for our standard bearer. You should park in the North Street Car Park, Midhurst and then walk across the road to the Midhurst Rother College. It is only the standard bearers that need to attend (not the whole Colour party) plus a Leader or Adult.

St George’s Day service
During the service, everybody will get the chance to renew their Promise. After the Beavers, Cubs will be asked to stand and make the Scout Sign. They will then say their Promise together with Cubs from across the District. This will be followed by Scouts, Explorer Scouts and Leaders renewing their Promises. There will also be a presentation of long service awards to some leaders from across the District.

A collection for a local charity will be taken during the service. It will be shared between  Dr. Barnardo’s and The Scout Memorial Fund

It is always hard for leaders who should be in the parade to get photos of the parade itself. If you are coming to watch please bring your camera and let Jacala have your best pictures for us to use on the website.

Baden-Powell & St George
Lord Baden-Powell chose Saint George to be the Patron Saint of the Scout Association. He felt that the Saint George of legend set a good example of faith, courage and perseverance. St George’s day is on 23 April and most Districts hold some form of celebration. In ‘Scouting for Boys’, Baden-Powell referred to the Knights of the Round Table in the Arthurian Legend and to St. George who was their Patron Saint.
He then went on: “He is also the Patron Saint of Scouts everywhere. Therefore all Scouts should know his story. St. George was typical of what a Scout should be.
“When he was faced by a difficulty or danger, however great it appeared, even in the shape of a dragon – he did not avoid it or fear it, but went at it with all the power he could. That is exactly the way a Scout should face a difficulty or danger, no matter how great or how terrifying it may appear. He should go at it boldly and confidently, using every power that he can to try and overcome it and the probability is that he will succeed.
“St. George’s Day is April 23, and on that day, Scouts remind themselves of their Promise and Scout Law. Not that a Scout ever forgets either, but on St. George’s Day, he makes a special point of thinking about them.”


Points competition – February 2014

An interesting month with badge points for our astronomers and of course some new Sixers and Seconds created too.

At the end of the month there was no catching the Yellows who are our Six of the month. They were helped on their way by the high scoring Tom Chambers who is our Cub of the month.


Report: London Irish 2014

We joined Scouts and Guides from all over Berkshire to see London Irish play Leicester Tigers in the Aviva Premiership. This is the second of London Irish’s annual Scout and Guide days – we were there for the first one last year.

We’d advertised our trip to all of 1st Billingshurst (Scouts & Guides) and the local Active Support group so were rather disappointed to still have spare seats on our coach. Parbrook Cubs were joined by a couple of Scouts and a Beaver. Our coach arrived rather early for the start of the match as we flew through the Surrey streets which had very little traffic so early on Sunday morning. (Note to Raksha that we can afford to leave a bit later next time as the ground was still locked up when we arrived!) It wasn’t a problem as we were able to spend plenty of time looking around the club shop which was packed with sale bargains and also much warmer than standing out in the cold wind.

When we got into the ground our seats were in the corner of the stand. Last year we were high up in the east stand, this time we were just a few rows back from the edge of the pitch. Unfortunately a lot of the action took place at the other end of the pitch but as the match ended we were right in the centre of the action with London Irish having their try disallowed. Then final score was London Irish 15, Leicester Tigers 20.

If you are a rugby fan then this trip may help you get the Cub Sports Enthusiast badge.

Match report: You can read a report of the game on the  Premiership Rugby website and see our photos from the day in our London Irish gallery.

Those that followed us (@ParbrookCubs) on Twitter or checked the home page of the website for our Twitter feed got extra information (including pictures) from the match although some problems sending message meant that it wasn’t always as it happened:

Last time: We last visited London Irish in February 2013. You can read our report

London Irish's Badge 

Report: District Quiz, 3rd February 2014

On Monday 3 February, Cubs from across Petworth & Pulborough District had their annual quiz. It was a real mixture of old fashioned pub quiz style general knowledge (questions from the front), pictures, memory tests, brain teasers and of course some scouting history thrown in.

Guest List
We had hoped to enter two teams but just had one this year

  • Tom, Adam M, Lauren, Luke P


  1. 1st Fittleworth
  2. 1st Wisborough Green
  3. Parbrook Cubs

Well done to all the Cubs in our quiz team – you’ve all earned +15 points

The District Quiz is an annual event – you can see our reports from previous events via our Past Events page.

Report: Astronomer’s badge weekend, 7th – 9th February 2014

For our spring term night away we returned to Earleywood Camp site near Ascot. While Billingshurst was being battered by severe weather we had a lovely, if rather muddy, time. During the weekend we worked on the astronomer’s badge but had plenty of time for other camp activities too. This was a level 2 camp as we slept on the floor of the activity centre.

Each Cub researched an astronomical subject and presented their findings to the rest of the group. We also made solar system maps and star scopes. With our friends at 2nd Bracknell being just down the road we were pleased to be visited by Baloo and Marian had the help of Steve in the kitchen on Saturday.

There are over 80 pictures from the weekend in our Astronomer’s badge gallery

Those that followed us (@ParbrookCubs) on Twitter or checked the home page of the website for our Twitter feed got extra information (including pictures) from camp as it happened:

  • Everybody managed the navigational challenge and made it to camp safely. Now we can get things started (Fri)
  • Quiet night at camp. Some heavy rain about 4.30am but missed the wind. Cubs slept through it all but torches on now (Sat)
  • Sunny at camp so we’re taking the chance to explore the site. Cubs doing their alien sign (Sat)
  • Back outside for a game of Klingons v the Federation. Yes, it is a bit muddy (Sat)
  • Back inside for lunch in the warm. Fruit going down nicely (Sat)
  • Well done to everybody for their planet research. Time to draw our own solar system maps (Sat)
  • We were pleased to be joined by Baloo from @2ndBracknell who came to help out with our activities (Sat)
  • It has taken a while but the rain has arrived. Shame it couldn’t have waited until the end of our game (Sat)
  • Good morning. Lie in for the Cubs as all quiet until 7.30. Sausages and spaghetti hoops for breakfast (Sun)
  • We’re mapping out the solar system – looking back from Jupiter to the sun (the hut) with the other cubs as planets (Sun)
  • Chilly outside but the Cubs enjoyed a sunny run around. Back inside now for warming hot chocolate (Sun)