Congratulations on your investiture

Now that you have been invested you have become a full member of Parbrook Cub Pack. You should have received the following badges for your new Cub uniform and received an e-mail from our badge records system which shows you where they go.

Badges presented at your investiture

You can also find a badge chart online – just click on the link at the bottom of our “badges and awards” page.

Beaver badges on your Cub uniform

If you have joined us from the Beaver Colony you should have received a “moving on” award to wear on your new uniform. There are several other badges that you will need to transfer:

  • Chief Scout’s Bronze Award (can be worn on your Cub uniform until you earn your Silver award)
  • highest badge of any of the blue staged activity badges (e.g. nights away)
  • Most recent joining in award (year star)
  • West Sussex joint scout and guide activity badge

What to do next?

Do I need to pay anything?

While you were doing your membership award you did not have to pay any money to us. Now that you are invested you will need to start paying your Subs to us. If you were invested before half term then you should pay the half term rate for the remainder of this term, otherwise you pay the full rate from the start of next term.

Get our dates in your calendar

As you may know, we use a system called OSM to manage your badge records – you might know it better as “My Scout”. The system includes details of our programme each week and you can now have that as a feed which you can use in your own online calendar, such as google calendar. It is an .ics file via a rather scary link so we’ve shortened it. Just paste this into your calendar – and you’ll get the progamme for our pack meetings. That’s only half the story as you’ll also need our calendar to pick up things like group events and our camps –

Social media – follow us for updates

We’re proud of our website and use of social media and you will have signed our personal information form to say that you are happy to be part of that. Our social media page tells you more about it. You can:

  • like us on Facebook (mainly for post event reports),
  • follow us on Twitter and get text alerts when we tweet, and
  • follow us on Instagram to see our photos as it happens during events.

If you are on Twitter then remember to turn on notifications so that you are alerted when we tweet. If you are not on Twitter then we suggest texting follow parbrookcubs to 86444 so that you get a text message when we tweet. We use Twitter for things like programme changes and reminders so it is important that you see the messages. You can also find our Twitter feed on the left of our web pages.

Support us when you shop online

As leaders we would rather spend our time running camps and expeditions than raising money. At Parbrook Cubs we have our painless fundraising which raised over £500 for our funds in 2016. Just pop along to our Easyfundraising page, sign up and then when you shop online at participating retailers you can earn us commission. You can even get Gift Aid on your donations so remember to tick that box when you sign up. All the details are on our fundraising page where you can also find out about easy search, the easyfundraising app and the donation reminder toolbar. The money raised stays in Parbrook Cubs and the more we earn, the cheaper we can make our activities.
Everybody in Parbrook Cubs benefits from Parbrook Cashback which reduces the costs of our camps and trips.

Book on an event

Our online calendar has details of our forthcoming camps and expeditions although some in future terms may not yet be open for booking. We manage our bookings through My Scout – the parent facing area of OSM. The event page on the website will contain a booking link or you will receive an e-mail with a link in it. Make sure that you reply to get your name on the guest list and don’t forget to pay any camp fees that are due – the e-mail will include our payment details so that you can pay us through online banking.
Click on the “events” link at the top of the page for a list of current events and more information about camping with the Cubs.

Start working on badges

Your badge book (and our badges and awards page – link at the top of each page) has details of the requirements for our badges and challenge awards. It is likely that there will be at least one activity badge that suits your hobbies and interests. Some popular ones that can be done at home are:

  • Book reader
  • Chef
  • Sports enthusiast (for those that support a team but do not play)
  • Physical recreation (for those that regularly play sport – get your coach to sign off)
  • Martial arts (get your instructor to sign off)
  • Swimmer (get your swimming teacher/coach to sign off)

Just print off the requirements and get a parent/teacher/coach to sign off what you have done. We’ll validate it by working through the requirements with you and may ask you to demonstrate your ability to the other Cubs. We think it is important that everybody knows what they have done to earn their badges and so you won’t find us giving away activity badges for just turning up.

Remember that you can check the requirements for the badges and see what you have left to do in the “badges” option of My Scout. It will show you all the badges that you have started and if you click on one of them the requirements will be displayed showing what has been completed and what you have left to do.

We have just done astronomy at school so does that mean I can have the astronomers badge?
It isn’t just astronomy, Cub badges pop up all over the place. However, we would not generally award badges just because the topic has been done at school or anywhere else away from the pack meetings. The exceptions are our staged badges such as swimmer and musician where you can get your teacher to sign off that you have reached the required standard.

Come and help

Cubs is great fun and it isn’t just kids stuff – there is challenge and adventure for adults too. We’re always looking for extra helpers either at pack meetings, on trips or at camp so do let us know if you fancy coming along. We’ve put together a guide for parent helpers who may be thinking about coming to help at pack meetings.

Ask if you are not sure

Starting a new section can be a bit strange and things in Cubs can be quite different to the way that the Beavers work. We don’t expect you to master it all straight away so do ask a leader if you are unsure about anything.

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