Report: Police visit

On 9 May 2017 we welcomed Sergeant MacPherson from the Metropolitan Police to our pack meeting to help us with part of the “our world” challenge.

Things started off quietly with a talk about what the Police do. We were just hearing how to describe a suspect (start at the top and work down) when the door opened and we were face to face with a stripy legged flag swiper who seemed to be rather enjoying herself. She quickly took our flag and was gone in a flash (on her scooter) taking us all rather by surprise.

We quickly got the Cubs working on writing a description. It had all happened so quickly but they did really well. You can see the picture but do you know what she was holding? A rolling pin and a torch. What about tucked into her apron? A tea towel.

Then we had the chance to take our finger (and palm) prints. Fortunately the black ink is water-based these days so washed off quite easily.

Ali had brought a range of uniforms in his big bag so the Cubs were able to try on a few different bits. We took the opportunity to dress Akela in riot gear and then staged our own mini riot to test out the equipment.

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Thanks to Jacala for providing the photos