Report: Lambing live

On 28 March 2017 we took our pack meeting to Stablebarn Farm which is part of Brinsbury College.

24 Cubs attended and after starting the evening with our Grand Howl outside and a safety briefing from Dan we headed into the changing room to find overalls and welly boots.

As it was still light and a pleasant spring evening we started with a tractor ride back down the lane to where the new lambs had been recently turned out into the fields.

Then  we went into the barn where there were still a number of pregnant ewes waiting to have their lambs but none arrived while we were there. However, we all got a chance to hold a lamb before time ran out and we had to return to the building to wash our hands and get changed.

Those that follow us on Instagram were able to keep up to date with photos from the farm during the evening.

Click the album to see our pictures from the farm

Sorry that some of the pictures from the field are rather poor quality – the low light conditions proved a challenge for Jacala’s phone camera.

Google has changed the way it displays our photos so click on the first one and then the white “i” in the top corner to see our captions in the info window on the right of the screen.

Thanks to Jacala and Hathi for providing the photos