Report: Navigator’s weekend at Walton Firs

Our weekend camp in February 2017 took us back to Walton Firs activity centre in Cobham.

With stormy weather forecast for Friday evening we braced ourselves for the worst but apart from being a bit damp the weather didn’t really affect us at all.

We were using the Brunswick building which is rather a long, dark walk from the car park. A good test for those bedding rolls which kept everything dry until it could get inside the building. Once unpacked we had an explore of the site in the dark before heading back to the toilet block which was even further than the car park.

The main activity on Saturday was to work on our stage 2 navigator badge. We explored sketch maps, Billingshurst landmarks and sank some battleships as we learned about grid references. It wasn’t all inside though. The sun put in an appearance in the afternoon which meant our tracking and orienteering activities were a good chance for a run about on the field. After dinner we finished off with a game of spooky spotlight.

With the badge work out of the way we were back outside again on Sunday. Walton Firs has an infamous adventure course which is known for its mud and its rope swing. It didn’t let us down and it was pleasing to see all our Cubs have a go – there are pictures of almost all of them on the rope swing in the gallery. After a quick brush down it was time for a visit to the shop – the money had been burning a hole in their pockets all weekend. After lunch we handed over to Akela for “I’m a Cub Scout, get me out of here”. As usual the time raced by but we managed to fit in blow football with maltesers, feely boxes and a bush tucker challenge before the parents arrived.

More photos from Walton Firs
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We’re grateful to Bagheera for helping Marian in the kitchen and to Jacala, Tabaqui, Akela and Josh for running the activities. We’re always short of adults who want to camp overnight with us or help in the kitchen so do let us know if you fancy helping. We need a minimum number of adults on site overnight.

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