Welcome to the spring term 2017

Hello everyone and we hope you enjoyed the Christmas Break.

Cubs resumes on 10 January and we’ll start off the new year with some team games and challenges as we’ve got a few new ones starting.

Looking back
The start of a new year gives the opportunity to look back. The centenary of Cubs was certainly a busy year with a number of Cubs100 events – not least the Sussex100 camp. Of course we ended the year with the Promise Party. Remember that you can see our photos from events that we attend in the reports part of the website – just click on reports at the top of the page.

Cubs 101
Now that we have completed the centenary year it is time to remove centenary badges and transfer them to your camp blanket. This includes the special Sussex100 badges.

Looking forward
As usual the leaders have been hard at work during the holidays arranging activities for the term ahead. We’ve tried to make sure that we aren’t in the hall every week. We’re going a bit back to basics with some knots work so that you can make your own knots board. We’ll be encouraging you to take part in the RSPB garden birdwatch by making bird feeders and of course we’ll have our half term trip to the woods in the dark.
You can print off our one page programme to put on your fridge and check the front page of the website to see the electronic version. Remember that you can get a calendar feed to add our dates into your Outlook, Google or other electronic calendar. See the information on the front page of the website or click on the “get programme calendar feed” button when you view the programme in “my scout”.

Navigate your way to camp
Our first camp of the year is less than a month away. We’ve got 16 on the guest list to go to Walton Firs but since the building can take 18 we still have a couple of places. All the details are on the website and you can register through the events part of “my scout”.

My Scout
As you may know, like other sections in the group and groups across the country we now use a system called OSM to manage our records. This costs us about £40 a year but provides us with your badge records, register and personal details management. We’ve now subscribed to some modules that improve the information that we can provide to parents. When you log into “my scout” you can see our detailed programme for the remaining weeks of the term, the events tab shows all that we have planned and allowsyou to register with a click and the badges tab shows your progress with them. Remember that if you click on a badge it will show you want you need to do and which parts you have completed. I hope that you find the information a useful addition to that already provided on our website.
Each time you are awarded a badge you will get an e-mail from the system. This contains the link to the badges module. Once there you can click on the “create account” button or the “account” drop down to create your own log in. Pages on our website have a purple OSM button that will take you to the parent log in page.

How to pay us
As we are at the start of another term it means that Subs is due again. We know that there are a lot of demands on your finances at the start of term and especially after Christmas so are quite relaxed if you don’t pay immediately. However, we’d like payments to be sorted by half term, just to save us having to do a lot of chasing around. Please use our online banking facility to transfer the money into our account. This aids our record keeping and prevents envelopes of cash being lost amongst the paperwork in the hall. If you don’t know our account details then you can find them in the “notices” section of “my scout”.

Painless fundraising
Thanks to everybody that continues to raise money for us when they shop online. The donations for the July to September 2016 period are now in and add a nice £83 to our funds. That takes the total raised through Easyfundraising in 2016 to £379 and we still have the October to December quarter to come.
Don’t forget to tick the gift aid box when you register. That extra money goes into Billingshurst Scout and Guides funds, raising £75 for them in 2016.
You don’t have to be a Parbrook member to support us, anybody can do it – see https://parbrook.wordpress.com/fundraising/

See you all tomorrow and Happy New Year.

Many thanks, Akela