Event: Navigator’s weekend camp

Our spring term camp has a navigation theme as we work towards the new staged navigator badge.  This is a level 1 camp as we will be sleeping in dormitories with bunk beds. We’ll have full access to the camp site and hope to be outside for some of the time, weather permitting of course.

What to do now? We’ve published our nights away information sheet which includes directions to the site, timings and the kit list. We will be outside for some of the time so please make sure you have wellies and a good waterproof coat.

Where: We’ll be camping at Walton Firs activity centre which is just off the A3 near Cobham. See their directions page for location information or follow our directions.
When you turn off the A3 and go down the hill look for the left turn immediately before the river bridge. This is Convent Lane which takes you back under the A3. Continue along the lane until you see the camp site turn. Remember that you must park in the main car park and then walk down the site with your gear to the Brunswick building.

When: Camp starts at 7pm on Friday 3 February and runs through to 3.30pm on Sunday 5 February. It should take about an hour to get there but neither the route via Guildford nor via the M25 is particularly nice on a Friday evening.

What: We’ll work towards the stage 2 navigators badge. This will involove both indoor and outdoor activities including the on site orienteering. We’ll have time for wide games and if the weather is good enough will tackle the famously muddy Walton Firs adventure course.

Who: Camp is open to all our cubs. However, numbers are limited by the beds available.

At 29 January we have 17 Cubs and 1 Scout on the guest list which is now full. We’ll use this list to record payments and completed health forms (HF):

  • Abigail (paid+HF)
  • Emily (paid+HF)
  • Finley W (paid+HF)
  • Finn L (paid+HF)
  • Harry (paid+HF)
  • James S (paid+HF)
  • James W (paid+HF)
  • Jasmine (paid+HF)
  • Lucybelle (paid+HF)
  • Martha (paid+HF)
  • Max (Scout – paid+HF)
  • Megan (paid+HF)
  • Poppy (paid+HF)
  • Robin (paid+HF)
  • Thomas (paid+HF)
  • Tommy (paid+HF)
  • Violet (paid+HF)
  • William (paid+HF)

Helpers: Marian will be looking after the kitchen with help from Bagheera. Akela and Jacala will be running the activities with help from Tabaqui and Josh (Saturday).

Cost: The cost of indoor accomodation is always increasing and the building alone is costing us over £400 for the weekend. By the time you add in the equipment costs and food the camp fee works out at £56.
This is a lot more than we normally charge so fortunately we have been able to use our Parbrook cashback to reduce the cost to £41. Some paid an £11 deposit last term but the full camp fees are now due.

Remember that we can only offer Parbrook Cashback discounts if you help us by raising money when you shop online. Use the app or donation reminder toolbar to make sure that you don’t miss out on any donations. For more information and to sign up please visit our Easyfundraising page.

Bring: We have published the kit list which contains a few tweaks from normal because we are camping inside. Please remember a pair of clean “indoor shoes” to wear in the building. If the weather is suitable we will be attempting the infamous Walton Firs adventure course with its mud and rope swing across water. Make sure that you have sufficient clothes that don’t mind getting muddy (and plastic bags to put them in) to allow you to change after the event.
We have a number of first time campers who may find our camping with the cubs page useful when consdering what kit to buy. For the more experienced camper it still has a few useful reminders.

Paperwork: Thanks to everybody for completing all the necessary documentation

Badges: In addition to the navigator badge you’ll earn two nights to your nights away score which may result in a nights away badge. Activities during the weekend will also count towards other challenge badges.

Walton Firs: We last visited Walton Firs for a pack holiday in March 2012. You can see our photos from that event in our gallery.