Report: Brazil weekend camp

Our weekend camp in September 2016 took us back to lovely Stedham in the South Downs. This year we picked Brazil as our theme so that we could have our own Olympic games and explore the Amazon jungle, building shelters and trying some jungle fruit. There was plenty of time for the usual camp fires and wide games too. Camping at the end of September can be a bit of a gamble with the weather so we were delighted to see blue skies each day.  It was a level 3 camp as we slept in tents.

On Saturday the Olympic part of our theme allowed us to work on the athlete and athlete plus badges with a wide range of running, throwing and team events. We ended the day with songs around the camp fire.

On Sunday our theme moved us to the Amazon jungle where we made shelters in the woods. We found out what you should eat if you want to be an Olympic athlete but also tried some jungle fruit – some familiar, others less so. After lunch we just had time to light small fires using flint and steel before ending the camp by investing three new Cubs.

Our guest list was:

  • 19 Cubs – Abigail M, Abi S, Aiden, Charlie, Emily, Ethan, Evan, Finley W, James, Jasmine, Joshua (Fri & Sat), Katie (Sat), Lucybelle, Martha, Max, Megan, Poppy, Robin, Thomas
  • 1 Beaver – Rohan (Sat)
  • Leaders and helpers – Akela, Bagheera, Chil (Andrew), Emma (Sun), Jacala, Keego (Sat), Marian, Rama (John), Phoenix (Sun), Tim (Sat)

We’re grateful to all the helpers who came along to make it such a good weekend. Remember – Cubs is not just kids stuff – we’re always pleased to have more helpers.

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Thanks to Jacala for providing the photos

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