Report: County Commissioner’s commendation for Raksha

Back in the summer we marked Raksha’s 40 years of service with 1st Billingshurst with a presentation at Nowhurst. In addition to the flowers we gave her a photobook which included pictures from the last 10 years with Parbrook Cubs. You can see them in our report from Nowhurst.

When the County decided to mark Raksha’s amazing period of service we were pleased that they asked us if the presentation could be made at one of our pack meetings. A certain amount of organisation went on behind the scenes to get the right people there without Phyllis knowing anything about it.

On Tuesday 11 November we asked Raksha to visit our meeting to test Aiden on his sheepshank tying. Of course everybody knows that it is a knot that Jacala cannot do so it seemed a perfectly reasonable request. With the knotting ticked off we were pleased to welcome the District Commissioner who presented Chief Scout’s Silver Awards to Max and Aiden.

Then we handed over to the Deputy County Commissioner, Matt Pike who made the presentation. He noted that Phyllis had made a significant contribution to Scouting in the area, both as a Cub leader at 1st Billingshurst and as District Badge Secretary having originally volunteered as a parent helper when her son Clive joined the Cubs.

Phyllis said “they asked for helpers so I volunteered. It doesn’t seem that long ago but I suppose 40 years is a long time really”

1st Billingshurst Group Scout Leader, Glyn Pullen, said “We’re really pleased that the County has decided to recognise Raksha’s long service. We have a big waiting list of young people trying to get into our group and always need more adult volunteers – although you don’t have to sign up to do 40 years”

Photos of the award presentation