Welcome to the autumn term 2016

Hello everyone and I hope that you have had a great summer break. As usual we’ve been busy behind the scenes planning the activities that will keep us busy between now and, dare I even say it, Christmas.
There is a lot going on so it is great to have you with us as we head towards the end of the Cubs Centenary year.

There’s lots to tell you about and so if you have any questions please let us know. Don’t forget to keep checking this website for updates.


  1. Looking back – reports from past events
  2. Our programme – put us in your calendar
  3. Brazil camp – now booking
  4. Money matters
  5. Other reminders

1. Looking back – reports from past events

In case you hadn’t spotted the messages during the holidays, Jacala has finally caught up with the reports from events last term. We’ve now got photos online from our June camp at Nowhurst, the sailing taster, end of term at Nowhurst and of course Sussex100. You’ll find them all at https://parbrook . wordpress . com/past-events/

Our pictures are hosted by Google and they have changed the way that they let us display them. Jacala writes a caption for nearly all the photos but they don’t display automatically now.

Click on the photo album icon on our reports pages to take you to the gallery. You’ll then see a map and all the photos displayed. Click on a photo and then in the top right of the screen a white “i” to open the info window which includes our captions. You can then scroll through the photos with the arrow keys or by clicking on the arrows at left and right of the screen.

2. Our programme – put us in your calendar

As you may know, we use a system called OSM to manage your badge records. The system includes details of our programme each week and you can now have that as a feed which you can use in your own online calendar, such as google calendar. It is an .ics file via a rather scary link so we’ve shortened it. Just paste this into your calendar – http://tiny.cc/parbrookprog. That’s only half the story as you’ll also need our calendar to pick up things like group events and our camps – http://tiny.cc/parbrookcal

You can add your calendar feeds to Google Calendars by opening up your Google Calendar in a web-browser (it cannot be done via the mobile app). Currently, about half-way down the page, you may see “Other Calendars” where you can add a friend or co-worker’s calendar – use this option to paste in the URL.
If you cannot see this, go to the calendar settings and find “Browse interesting calendars” and paste the URL into the “Add by URL” option. To make the calendar appear on your phone, you should go to your phone’s calendar settings and turn on the sync option for each calendar.

If you don’t have an online calendar of your own to add our details to then don’t forget that our website has the combined calendar on its homepage – https://parbrook.wordpress.com/

We also provide a paper version, ideal for your noticeboard to remind you what is coming up each week – http://www.1stbillingshurst.org.uk/parbrook/prog.pdf

3. Brazil camp – now booking

We’re pleased to be returning to lovely Stedham in the South Downs for our weekend camp this term. After all the excitement of the Rio olympics we’ll be working towards the athlete’s badge. There will still be plenty of time for the standard camp activities such as wide games, camp fire songs and cooking our lunch on fires. Chil has already requested that we do dough twists on sticks so they will be making an appearance too.

We already have 12 Cubs on the guest list but we hope that more of you will want to come. We’ve room for everybody and have made special arrangements so that our new members this term can take part. I’ll be joined at camp by Jacala, Keego (Fri & Sat), Chil (Andrew), Phoenix (Sunday), Emma (Sunday), Marian (in the kitchen) and John H but we have room for more adults too. You’ll need to have a Scouting CRB/DBS form if you want to stay overnight so do let us know in plenty of time if you don’t have one as they do take a little while to come through.

All the details about camp are on the website – https://parbrook.wordpress.com/2016/06/28/event-stedham16/ and you can see what Stedham is like by looking back at photos from our French camp at Stedham in 2015 at https://parbrook.wordpress.com/2015/10/27/report-french-weekend-camp/

Don’t forget that if you are on the guest list then we do need your camp fees as soon as possible. Details of how to pay are in the registration confirmation e-mail.

4. Money matters

As we are at the start of another term it means that Subs is due again. The amount you pay is set by 1st Billingshurst at £35 per person per term. We know that the start of term can be an expensive time so we don’t ask you to pay it immediately (unless you are at risk of forgetting). However, to save us having to chase you please try to remember to pay by half term.

We are again this term offering a £10 reward to those that raise money for Parbrook Cubs when you shop online through easyfundraising. If you have earned the reward the just take this off your Subs amount when you pay it. You can find out more about how subs works via http://www.1stbillingshurst.org.uk/parbrook/subsexplained.pdf and how we raise money for Cub funds at https://parbrook.wordpress.com/fundraising/.

Remember that we prefer you to pay for Subs and camps online as this means that we don’t have piles of cheques or envelopes of cash laying around in the Scout Hut. You’ll be reminded of our bank details when you register for events but please ask if you need them. If you are paying by cheque then please make it payable to “Parbrook Cub Pack”

Online shopping with Easy Fundraising
When you click through to your shopping site from http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/parbrookcubs we get commission on your purchases. Retailers include Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Camping World, Halfords, Amazon, Carphone Warehouse and many more. You can also earn money when you book your holiday or flights with sites like Expedia, Hotels.com and lowcostholidays.com. With over 3000 retailers you won’t remember them all – but the Donation Reminder toolbar will. Just download it and you’ll be prompted every time you visit a site that can earn us commisison. If you use your phone or tablet to do your shopping then why not download the Easyfundraising app. It makes it even easier to make sure that we get donations when you are shopping online. So easy, why not? Our wonderful supporters have already raised £295 for us this year.

 Remember to tick the Gift Aid box when you register with Easy Fundraising. Money raised by Gift Aid is claimed back centrally by the Group and has already raised £61 for them this year.

5. Other reminders

Do you have the skills?
The Skills challenge has a number of skills that are best demonstrated at home. We sent out our home skills sheet during the holidays but it isn’t too late to do them. Just demonstrate the skills and get them signed off. We’ll do the paperwork if you bring a signed sheet to Cubs.

Sussex100 badges
Each of the Cubs that attended camp received a Sussex100 badge (designed by Kagan from 3rd Bexhill). Unusually, this can be worn on your uniform. If you aren’t already wearing a Cubs 100th birhday badge then it goes above your joining in (year star) badges in the space marked “occasional badges” on the diagram. If that space is already full then it goes at the cuff end of the arm that has your District & County badges on it. In either case the badge must be removed at the end of the year.

Dark evenings are back
It is getting dark quite early already so it is useful to remind you that we expect all our Cubs to be collected from the hall. We don’t let anybody go out without an adult. While the group has put nice new lights on our path the one from the hall to the road can still be a bit on the dark side so it may be a good time to look out your torch.

We look forward to seeing you all as we start back at Cubs.

Many thanks,