Report: Weekend camp at Nowhurst

Our weekend camp in June 2016 took us back to Nowhurst camp site near Broadbridge Heath. It may just be 15 minutes away but it is a world of difference.

Some unfortunately timed heavy rain made putting up tents rather tricky and the long grass on the site seemed to make everything even wetter. By the time the Cubs arrived things were looking drier.

Our activities over the weekend included tree identification, tracking and a fiendish team challenge involving candles, canes and blindfolds – you’ll have to see the pictures to see how that worked. We ended the day with a spectacular camp fire built by Hawkeye and John and invited each team to lead a song. On Sunday we were pleased to be joined by families for our Sunday funday where we made our usual toasted sandwiches and baked bananas.

More photos from Nowhurst
Click for more photos from Nowhurst

We’re grateful to Hawkeye for helping Marian in the kitchen and to Kaa, John and Tabaqui for running the activities. Also to Akela, Ali and Sally who managed to get all the tents up in the rain and down in the dry. We’re always short of adults who want to camp overnight with us or help in the kitchen so do let us know if you fancy helping. We need a minimum number of adults on site overnight.

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