Event: Brazil weekend camp, 23-25 Sep

Our weekend camp in September takes us back to one of our favourite sites at Stedham near Midhurst in the South Downs. With all eyes on Rio for the Olympics this summer we’ll be focussing on Brazil but there will be plenty of time for the usual camp fires and wide games too. It will be a level 3 camp as we will be sleeping in tents.

Last minute reminders:

  • Please pack for the weather – it will be cold at night/early morning and wet on Sunday morning so welly boots and warm tops are essential plus a good blanket/fleece ot two to go with your sleeping bag.
  • For those on the guest list please note that there is some pre-camp research to do – see our homework sheet and bring it with you.
  • Remember that our first meal will be Saturday breakfast so make sure you have had your main meal before you come to camp.
  • We’ll see you at 7. Please use the one way system outlined below as the lanes are very narrow.

Where: We will be camping at Stedham camp site near Midhurst

Directions: You will need to make your own way to and from the site. The lanes that give access to the camp site are extremely narrow so please follow our one way system rather than your satnav to avoid meeting too many other parents in places where passing is difficult. This will take you via Woolbeding when going to the site and via Stedham village when leaving. Even then you will have to use Tote Lane in both directions. The journey from Billingshurst should take around 45 minutes. You can find directions online.

When: We start at 7pm on Friday 23 September. Please do not arrive before that as we will still be preparing the site. Camp will run through until 3.45pm on Sunday 25 September with a closing ceremony at 3.30pm. This ceremony will include the investiture of 3 of our new members.

What: We’ll have a full weekend of activities to keep us busy. We’ll also be working on the athlete’s badge as we stage our own mini olympic competition during the weekend. There will still be plenty of time for games in the Amazon jungle and a few other challenges on the way.

Who: Our camp was open to all of our members – including new starters and visiting Beavers who we will invest at camp. As you can see below, we’ve quite a team providing the food and activities for the weekend.

Guest list at 17 September – 19 Cubs:

  • Abigail M (paid+HF)
  • Abi S (paid+HF)
  • Aiden (paid+HF)
  • Charlie (paid+HF)
  • Emily (paid+HF)
  • Ethan (paid+HF)
  • Evan (paid+HF)
  • Finley W (paid+HF)
  • Isabella
  • James (paid+HF)
  • Jasmine (HF+HF)
  • Joshua (Fri & Sat, paid+HF)
  • Katie (Sat)
  • Lucybelle (paid+HF)
  • Martha (paid+HF)
  • Max (paid+HF)
  • Megan (paid+HF)
  • Poppy (paid+HF)
  • Robin (paid+HF)
  • Thomas (paid+HF)


  • Akela
  • Bagheera
  • Chil (Andrew)
  • Emma (Sun)
  • Jacala
  • John H
  • Keego (Sat)
  • Marian
  • Phoenix (Sun)
  • Tim H (+ Rohan, Sat)

Cost: Stedham has increased its camp fees again this year but thanks to our Parbrook Cashback we have managed to keep the camp fees at the same amount as last year. Remember to support us via Easy Fundraising when you shop online. This has reduced the cost you have to pay from £37 to £29 per person. We have now paid the camp fees to the site.

How to book: The guest list has now closed so that we can make the final arrangements for camp.

Paperwork: You need to complete our online health form (HF). This gives your permission for us to take your Cub to camp, includes emergency contact information for the weekend and lets us know of any dietary needs. As we have a number of new campers we’d appreciate early sight of any dietary or medical needs. All forms are now in, thank you.
We’d like you to research some facts about Brazil before camp. There is a homework sheet for you to complete. We’ll go through the answers at camp on Friday evening but you’ll find most of them on the National Geographic kids website.

Bring: We’ve now updated the kit list for this camp to show all that you need to bring. There is nothing out of the ordinary required for this camp but don’t forget to bring your homework too. If you are new to camping please see our camping with the Cubs page for more information. At this time of year the nights can be quite cool so blankets/fleeces are essential.

Previous camps: We used to visit Stedham every year but after our camp in 2012 it was put up for sale. We returned in 2015 and are glad to have the opportunity to visit again.