Report: Pack meeting at Brinsbury

On 8 March 2016 we took our pack meeting to Stablebarn Farm which is part of Brinsbury College.

24 Cubs attended and after getting changed into their overalls and welly boots were able to visit the shed to see the sheep and lambs. There were still a lot of pregnant ewes waiting to have their lambs but none arrived while we were there. However, we were able to hold a lamb, top up the food and bedding in the pens and also bottle feed one of the lambs.

We are grateful to Sarah, Laura and the team from Brinsbury for inviting us along to Lambing Live.

More pictures
Those that follow us on Instagram were able to keep up to date with photos from the sheep pens during the evening. You can see more photos (without captions) from the evening in our gallery or see our Google photos story for the full Lambing Live experience.

Thanks to Jacala and Hathi for providing the photos