Pack meeting – lambing live

Following a successful visit in 2016 we are again taking up the opportunity to visit Brinsbury and see the lambs.

When: Our pack meeting will take place on Tuesday 28 March. Please arrive promptly. We expect to finish around 7.45pm.

Where: You should meet at the farm (see our map) and NOT at Brinsbury Campus on the A29. Please remember that the lane is narrow in places but most of the other traffic is likely to be Cub parents. Look out for the Brinsbury Campus sign at the entrance to the farm drive on the right of the lane, about a mile from the A29 and just as you leave the woods. Parking is available in front of the main farm building. The Cubs will assemble in one of the classrooms, just off the main corridor.

What: We’ll be visiting Brinsbury’s working farm to see the sheep and lambs. We’ll spend most of the evening in one of the barns.

Who: We hope to see all our Cubs. However, some of you may visit with other sections who have similar meetings. So that we know who to expect you must reserve your place in advance My Scout. When you register you will be asked to provide an emergency contact number. Please click the RSVP “no” link if you are unable to come as this will save us chasing you for a reply nearer the time.

Cost: There is a £2 per Cub charge for the evening but we will pay this from our Parbrook Cashback.

Bring: You must arrive at camp in your uniform top and scarf. You will be asked to change into overalls and protective footwear so there is no need to bring your own boots. The barn is not heated so make sure you have warm clothes to wear under your overalls as your coat won’t fit.

Keeping you safe: There is a risk of E-Coli infection when visiting farm animals. Touching animals, fences and other surfaces can lead to infection as you may pick up these bacteria and accidentally pass them to your mouth. It only takes a small number of the bacteria to cause infection. Washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water immediately after you have had contact with animals will reduce the risk of infection.

Last year: We visited the lambs in 2016 so have a look at our report to get an idea what the evening will be like.