Event: Astronomer’s badge weekend – 12 to 14 February

We will be holding a weekend camp in February. During the weekend we will mainly be working on the Astronomer’s badge but we’ll have plenty of time for other camp activities too. This is a level 2 camp as we’ll be sleeping on the floor of the activity centre.

Latest: We’ve published our Nights Away Information form with all the details about camp. Remember that we don’t feed you on Friday evening so have your evening meal before you come to camp.

Where: We will be staying in the Scout Centre at Earleywood Camp site in Ascot.

When: Our weekend will be from the evening of Friday 12 February to Sunday afternoon 14 February. You will need to make your own way to Ascot and may like to follow our directions. The journey via Guildford takes just over an hour if the traffic is kind. You should aim to arrive between 7.15pm and 7.30pm which should help you miss the worst of the traffic in Guildford. Camp will end at 4pm on Sunday, with our closing ceremony from about 3.45pm. Parents are encouraged to arrive from about 3.30pm so that we can finish promptly by 4pm.

What: We’ll be working on the Astronomer’s badge but there will also be plenty of time for wide games and exploring the site.  As part of the astronomers badge, we’ve chosen a  space related subject for each Cub to research and present to the other Cubs.

Who: Camp is open to all our Cubs. We’ll have Akela, Keego, Jacala and Tabaqui at camp with Marian in the kitchen as usual. We’re pleased to say that Ali and Linda will be joining us for activities and Jane will be helping in the kitchen.

Guest list at 2 February – 14 Cubs

  • Abi (paid, HF)
  • Aiden (paid, HF)
  • Charlie (paid, HF)
  • Daniel (paid, HF)
  • Elliott (paid, HF)
  • Emily (HF)
  • Ethan (paid, HF)
  • James (paid, HF)
  • Katie (paid, HF)
  • Kinley (paid, HF)
  • Max (paid, HF)
  • Poppy (paid, HF)
  • Robin (paid, HF)
  • Thomas (paid, HF)
  • Will (paid – deposit)

Cost: Pack Holiday centres are expensive and the camp fees for this weekend work out at £42. As usual we are using our Parbrook Cashback to keep the costs that you have to pay as low as possible – so remember to support us via Easy Fundraising when you shop online. This has reduced the cost you have to pay from £42 to £32 per person.

Bring: We’ve published the kit list as part of our nights away information form. It isn’t very different from the standard one but you will need to bring 4 cardboard tubes from toilet rolls or kitchen rolls so will need to start saving them. The site is always muddy so bring wellies to wear outdoors and clean, dry shoes to wear in the building plus a peg to keep them neat and tidy when they are not being worn.

If your Cub has come home with talk of the need to make a bedding roll you can see how to make it via our Camping with the Cubs page.

Paperwork: All received, thank you

Photos: We last did the astronomers badge in 2014. You can see our report from that event online. Remember to check our Instagram feed when we are at camp for the latest photos.

Homework: We have chosen an astronomical subject for each Cub to research and present their findings to the rest of the group. Your presentation need only last a couple of minutes but you should do your research on the subject that we’ve chosen for you before you come to camp and bring anything you need (pictures etc) with you. Your subject and information about what is required is on the astronomy homework sheet.