Design our Christmas stamps

Put your stamp on Christmas

Each year the Scouts and Guides run a Christmas Post service in the village. Cards that are posted in our special postboxes can be delivered to village addresses for a fraction of the cost of the Royal Mail. Of course you can’t post a card without a stamp and each year we run a competition to design them. The stamps have proved popular with collectors and are available as first day covers.

We’ve had some successes from Parbrook Cubs but there have always been rather a lot of Brownie/Rainbow winning designs so this year the competition will be different. As long as there are enough entries the 4 winning designs will consist of one from each of the following categories:

  • Rainbows & Beavers
  • Brownies & Cubs
  • Guides & Scouts
  • any unit but including Explorers & Young Leaders

If you’d like to enter then just print off the form, do your design in the box and hand it in.

All entries to be handed in by Friday 23 November at the latest. Stamps will be on sale at Billifest on Saturday 1 December and then from shops in the village that have our post boxes. All winning entries will also feature on First Day Covers and on our exclusive Christmas cards. Good luck!

We’re obviously going to need a bit of help as we’re up against the Brownies so here are some tips about doing your design:

  • The design must be all your own work – no copying from any other sources – this includes cutting and pasting other designs
  • The connection to Christmas must be obvious
  • Please don’t include writing on the design and don’t try to draw a “stamp” outline. It’s either impossible to use any such designs, or it takes ages for these elements to be removed.
  • All entries should be on decent quality blank white paper with nothing on the reverse side.
  • Names should be put on the facing side of the paper where they don’t overlap a design – not on the back please as then they can show through and spoil the design.
  • You may submit any number of entries, but there can only be one winning entry from each person.
  • Entries will be judged by a panel including leaders, helpers and Committee members. Four winning entries will be chosen. The judges’ decision will be final.
  • We tend to get a large number of entries that simply can’t work as a stamp because they have been drawn in pencil or with fine/thin pens. To avoid this, make your entry simple, big and bold.

christmas stamp