Report: Summer Camp 2015

For Summer Camp 2015 we returned to Bentley Copse Scout Campsite near Cranleigh.

Our theme was the Commonwealth so the Cubs each researched a country to tell us about. It also gave us the opportunity to stage the Commonwealth Games which counted towards the Athlete badge. There was plenty of time for the usual camp fires, wide games and on site activities too including climbing, rifle shooting and go karting during the week. We went off site on Tuesday for our hike to Pitch Hill. It was a level 3 camp as we slept in tents.

This year we started on the afternoon of Sunday 16 August and ran through until lunchtime on Saturday 22 August although our mini-campers went home (in the rain) on Wednesday 19 August. It was nice to have enough campers to allow us to stay for the whole week.

Our guest list was:

  • Full week (8+3): Olivia, Grace, Lily, Kinley, Charlie, Henry, Jake and William plus Aaron, Hannon and Holly (Scouts)
  • Mini camp (5): Aiden, Craig, Katie, Theo and Ethan.
  • Helpers camping – Tabaqui
  • Adults camping – Jacala, Marian, Hathi, Kaa

We were pleased to be joined by Kaa (Alex) on this camp. As an ex-2nd Bracknell Scout and former Cub of Jacala’s it was the first time he’d camped with us. We’re also grateful to the day visitors that came to help out – Lara, John, Phoenix, Tracy and Mike.

Despite a dodgy phone signal and failing mobile phone batteries we managed to post some pictures from site on our Instagram feed during camp.

For more pictures please see our
Summer Camp gallery

Thanks to Jacala for providing the photos