Revised badges and awards

Our badges have changed.

Scout HQ has been reviewing the programme that Cubs across the country work to. We are now working on the new programme.

Key messages from Scout HQ
The key messages for the revised programme (across all sections, not just Cubs) are:

  • Outdoor & Adventure should be 50% of the programme, in all sections. This may include indoor activities that link to these topics, but as much of it should be outside as possible.
  • The programme should always be shaped by young people in partnership with adults.
  • All young people should have the opportunity to develop teamwork and leadership skills, not just Sixers or Patrol Leaders. These skills will help young people be able to shape their Scouting now, and are also them valuable skills for the future.
  • Community impact is an important part of what we do as Scouts, and is a central part of the programme.
  • Young people should all have the opportunity to progress within Scouting and develop personally. Young people need to be able to see what they have achieved, and to have their achievements celebrated.
  • The section’s programme should be focussed on all young
    people achieving the top award for that section (ie the Chief Scout’s Silver Award)

We have always felt that gaining the Silver Award should be an achievement. Some Cub packs give out badges for turning up and then everybody gets the Silver Award. At Parbrook we encourage all our members to work for the top award but know that not everybody is motivated by badges or is happy to do additional work at home. We don’t think that badges should be ticked through just to make sure that everybody gets the top award.

New badges
You can follow the links to see the new badge designs and requirements on the Scout HQ website.

  • The new challenge badges are Our World, Our Skills, Our Outdoors, Our Adventure, Teamwork, Team Leader and Personal Challenge. They replace the existing challenges (outdoor, fitness, global, community, creative and promise) which are withdrawn. It is expected that the challenge badges will be largely worked on during our pack meetings.
  • There are now 36 activity badges (up from 33) and 14 staged activity badges (previously 6). Some of the old badges have been incorporated into the challenges or have become staged badges. However, the map reader, navigator, camper and air activities badges are withdrawn in their current form. It is expected that activity badges will largely be earned by work done at home or at our camps.
  • In order to complete your new Chief Scout’s Silver Award you need to complete all 7 challenge badges plus earn 6 activity badges (or staged badges) of your choice.

There isn’t always an easy time to switch between the old and new arrangements so transition arrangements will apply.

Cubs that already have some of the existing challenges need to complete the personal challenge, teamwork award, team leader award, 6 activity or staged activity badges and four challenge awards which can be a mix of old and new as long as they cover the areas covered by the new awards (world skill, outdoors and adventure).

  • Global, Community and Promise challenges cover activities that are now in the Our World challenge
  • Creative and Fitness challenges cover activities that are now in the  Our Skills challenge
  • Outdoor challenge covers activities that are now in the Our Outdoors and Our Adventure challenges

The key point is that nobody should lose out as a result of the badge changes. Activities that you have done for old challenges that are not complete will generally be mapped across to the appropriate new challenge badge. If you’d like to know how this will affect your badge records please ask us in September.

Summer Camp was our last activity that used the old badge requirements. We are now applying the new badge requirements for any activity badges that you may want to work on at home and we will start working towards the new challenges. Our badges and awards page has been updated to link to the new pages.