Report: Spider weekend camp

Our weekend camp in June 2015 took us back to Nowhurst camp site near Broadbridge Heath. It may just be 15 minutes away but it is a world of difference.

As we were camping on the Spider site we used that as the theme. We followed the web to the spider’s lair challenge, made spider puppets and models and enjoyed spider cakes. We also introduced a new wide game – spiders v flies. On Sunday we had our Father’s Day funday. We were pleased to be joined by so many Dads who made their camp fires and lunches and enjoyed a competitive rounders game on the Stumps site. We ended camp with Chief Scout’s Silver Award presentations to Craig and Harry. Well done to both of them for getting our highest award.

We’re grateful to Lara and Kelly for helping Marian and Hawkeye in the kitchen, to Matt, John and Tabaqui for running the activities and to Phoenix and Hathi for all their help with the crafts and the campfire.

Having recently lost a lot of our experienced campers we were concerned to just have 14 Cubs at camp. However, there was a lot of interest from the Dads and from our new campers so we hope to see you all again on our next camps. We’re always short of adults who want to camp overnight with us and so do let us know if you fancy helping. We need a minimum number of adults on site overnight.

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For more pictures please see our Spider weekend camp gallery

Thanks to Jacala for providing the photos