Report: Eggs in space

On 30 June 2015 we had an evening of pioneering.

We challenged each six to design and then make a catapult that could fire eggs. We provided bamboo, elastic bands, string, a tea strainer and a spoon. The sixes had to sketch out their designs before heading outside to build them.

We were grateful to our leaders and helpers who were able to take one six each during the construction stage. Akela and Tabaqui were on hand to give advice and check that designs met the rules. Three of the sixes built pyramid structures while one built a double tower design. Each decided that the tea strainer would make the best egg holder.

When all the designs were complete we lined them up on the field with a tape measure laid out so that the distance travelled could be measured. Each team had three goes.

  • Yellow – unfortunately all three eggs went backwards and so their total distance was zero
  • Green – while two eggs went backwards they had one that scored and had a total of 20ft
  • Blue – the twin tower design was very successful in the first go with a mighty 38ft being recorded – the best distance of the evening. However, the second go went backwards and the third scored 18ft. Their total distance was therefore 56ft
  • Red – all three eggs counted with 21ft, 30ft and 29ft being recorded. While each individual distance may have been less than the Blues, the overall total was 80ft – the highest total score.

All of the distances were converted into points and added into the June Six of the Month competition.

For more pictures please see our eggs in space gallery

Thanks to Jacala for providing the photos