Event: Billingshurst Show

This year the Billingshurst Show takes place on Sunday 28 June. The organisers have decided that the theme for the parade should be red, white and blue which gave us quite a lot of scope. We’ve decided to adopt a French theme for our float. This page should tell you all you need to know about arrangements for the weekend – scroll down for a detailed timeline.

Decorating the float
Each year it seems to get harder to find a suitable vehicle. We’re again grateful to Tracy Viney for finding us a vehicle. Over the next few weeks we’ll be using our pack meetings to make things to display on the float. We’re grateful to our float design team, especially Linda Lines, for helping us with this activity. This year we will be decorating the float on Saturday afternoon – please contact Akela if you would like to help.

Raffle tickets
Before the show we’d be grateful if you can sell the raffle tickets that you have been given. Don’t forget to bring back the money and counterfoils before or on Sunday. It helps us if you can put them in an envelope with your cubs name on it. In previous years we have run out of tickets so it is worth returning any that you have not been able to sell.

Our stall
Once we get to the field we will be running a stall in the Scout area. Ours will be a splash tank where our customers throw balls at a target which can trigger a deluge of water over a willing victim sitting on a seat beneath the tank. Although the leaders expect to be popular targets we are sure that some of the Cubs will like to have a go too, We’d like the Cubs to staff our stall during the afternoon. See the timetable below to see when your Six is on duty. You should bring your Cub top (t-shirt) and scarf to wear when on the stall. Don’t forget clothes that can get wet and a towel if you want to go under the tank.

Other events
You can find out about the other things that will be happening at the show and also all about the sponsors of the event at the Billingshurst Show website.

Weekend timeline

SATURDAY 10am-4pm
Set up the field
The organisers would welcome assistance from about 10am to get the field set up. From 12 – 4 there will be lots of tents to put up. Please let our GSL know if you can help, even for just an hour.
Decorate the float
We’ll be decorating the float on Saturday afternoon. Akela has already got a team of helpers for this but if you would like to join them please contact him.
SUNDAY 11:45am
Get onboard
We hope that all the Cubs will be able to join us for the parade. Cubs need to arrive by 11.45am  at the latest so that we are ready for the start of the parade. We expect the leaders to be there from about 11.30am. Your costume is anything French – from the revolution to striped t-shirts with berets or French football or rugby tops. Please bring your Cub t-shirt and scarf to wear later when you are helping on the stall plus clothes that can get wet and a towel if you want to go under the tank.
12 noon
Parade starts
The parade starts from near the Village Hall at 12 noon (although we never get away on time). For the parade itself we hope that all of the Cubs will be able to sit on the back of the trailer. We hope that they will look cheerful and wave to the crowds – rather than sitting in a huddle chatting as has happened previously! Parents please bring your digital cameras and let us have your photos afterwards – Jacala will be with the float so unable to take pictures. It take a surprisingly long time to get to the field but the parade has to go at the speed of the groups that have chosen to walk rather than have a float. There is also the little matter of getting through the crossing – we always seem to get caught by a train.
Parade arrives at the field
After the parade arrives at the show and has been judged, our float will go off to be dismantled. Help with that is always welcome as the leaders have to be setting up our next activities.
Cubs take their turn on our stall
We hope that the Cubs will be able to take their turns on the stall during the afternoon. To avoid crowds of helpers we’ve allocated time by six with Blue six taking the first turn. If you can’t do your proper slot then please come along when you can. While you are not doing stall duty there is the rest of the show to explore.
1:45pm Red six turn to man our stall
2:30pm Yellow six turn to man our stall
3:15pm Green six turn to man our stall
4:00pm Our stall closes
Clear up the field
Anybody who is still around after about 4.30pm would be very welcome to help take down tents and carry equipment back into the hall. Everybody will have had a very long day and many hands make light work

Visit our past events page for a reminder of our Billingshurst Show entries for 2014 (Brazil),  2013 (Summer Holiday), 2012 (Mr Benn),  2011 (Lion King), 2010 (Kung Fu Panda) or 2009 (In the Jungle Book).