Welcome back to the Summer term

I hope that you enjoyed your half term break. We’re heading into our busiest period as we add our 3 camps and the Billingshurst Show into the programme. There is a lot going but I try to make sure that all our online information is up to date. The website is the best place to start but you’ll find reminders on our Facebook page and on Twitter if you follow us on those.

As Akela starts his busiest period at work we’re still struggling for adult helpers and I know that I can’t guarantee being there for the start of our meetings. As we need at least two adults to be present we’re grateful to those that have taken their turn on the parent rota and especially to people such as John and Tracy who we have been able to grab to help us at short notice. There is more information about helping at our meetings online. In addition to pack meetings we are also looking for helpers at our activities and camps. With us it isn’t just the child that joins the cubs – it is a family affair and we hope everybody feels welcome. If you are not sure what you could do to help please ask, or see our join us page for some ideas.

I’m not sure whether you are finding Groupspaces difficult to use or if it is just that our events do not appeal but bookings have been very slow for our forthcoming events. When you register on an event we send you our bank details so that you can pay by online banking if you wish. A few people have now used this facility which was something that had been requested.
Details of all our events can most easily be found by clicking on the “Events” menu at the top of the page. Here is the latest update on those still to come:

  • Naturalist badge : We’ve now published the joining instructions for the event at Amberley on Saturday 6 June. We have paid for 11 Cubs (Charlie, Clementine, Adam, Ethan, Isabella, Kinley, Max, James, Daniel, Ellie and William) to attend but still have some payments and health forms outstanding. We also need an adult helper on the day. More details on the joining instructions page.
  • Weekend camp: Our next camp will be held just up the road at Nowhurst camp site near Broadbridge Heath. Numbers are disappointing so far but this camp will definitely go ahead. We currently have just 10 Cubs on the list (Theo, Lucas, Ethan, Craig, Aiden, Robin, Lily, William, Kinley and Daniel). They will be joined by 4 dads on Sunday. We’ll be sleeping in tents and are grateful to Hawkeye, Matt Copley and John Harris for coming along to help. Marian would still like a kitchen helper. Register via Groupspaces. We normally close the registrations two weeks before camp so that we can make the final arrangements so time is running out!
  • Summer camp: Our main camp of the year takes place in August at Bentley Copse near Cranleigh. Sadly the registrations are low for our main camp of the year. So far we have Craig and Aiden for the mini camp and Lucas, Lily, Kinley and Olivia for the full week. It isn’t too late to register via Groupspaces but we do need more campers to make this camp viable.
  • Weekend camp: With the low numbers at our other camps you might wonder why we are bothering to run a camp in September. However, the leaders are all looking forward to going back to Stedham and so we hope that you will want to come too.  Camp will be on the weekend of 25-27 September and we’ll be opening the bookings very shortly. Have a look at our photos from 2012 for an idea of what the site is like.

There are quite a lot of Subs outstanding. Subs are now £35 per term but we’re still offering a £10 per person per term reward for our Easyfundraising supporters (see our Subs Explained document if you want to understand how this works). Please let us know which Subs you are paying by registering on Groupspaces but don’t forget to follow it up with the payment.

We’re delighted to report that you raised £87 for Parbrook funds with your online shopping in January to March 2015. By comparison, the rest of the group managed to raise £4.81 in the same period.
Please do your best to remember Easyfundraising when you shop online. With the iphone app and donation reminder toolbar it should be even more painless to raise money for us and all the money we raise is used to keep our camp and trip costs down.

We’ve now completed our badgework for this term:

  • Farm to fork – well done to the 17 Cubs that completed the badge. We have now presented them to Craig, Luke, Ethan,  Aiden, Adam, William, Jim, James, Kinley, Jamie, Grace, Olivia, Theo, Lucas, George, Isabella and Max.
    We used the information that you sent us to make our own food miles map. it is interesting to see the thousands of miles that some of our basic food items have travelled. Ethan and Kinley reported our most travelled items with apples and pears from New Zealand, over 11,000 miles away.
  • Animal carer – we have now completed the work towards this badge and are just waiting some animals in danger posters or records of garden birds to be handed in. All the details are on the homepage. Well done to Craig, Lily, Theo, Isabella, Max, William, Ethan, Adam and Aiden who have now completed the badge.
  • Jamboree on the trail – this is not a uniform badge although the hike does count towards your hike away score. We’ve now got the special JOTT badges through from the organisers and will be presenting them to all that came on the hike. We had 5 Cubs – Max, Craig, Lily, Aiden and Charlie.

Billingshurst Show
We’re pleased to confirm that we will have a float in the parade and that Phoenix (Karen Brooks) will be helping us with the design.  We’ve got a couple of weeks allocated in the programme but really need more adults to help design and coordinate our entry ahead of the show on 28 June. The theme this year is red, white and blue so please get in touch if you can help. We’ll also need a stall to run at the show itself so again please get in touch if you have any ideas, especially if not a tombola!
The group is asking for helpers to put up tents at the show on Saturday 27 June. If you can help, even for just an hour, please let our GSL know.

There is more to Cubs than just a Tuesday evening so make sure you are making the most of your time with us. The time you can give us – whether at pack meetings, trips or camps means that we can continue to offer a varied programme of interesting activities. We hope that you enjoy them too.

Nick Layt, Jacala
on behalf of the Parbrook Cub Leaders