Report: Pack meeting at Pets at Home

On 19 May 2015 we took our pack meeting to the Pets at Home store in Horsham.

Pets at Home sponsor the Animal Carer badge that we have been working on this term. During our visit we were able to find out lots about the animals that they sell.

We are grateful to the team from Horsham for fitting us in and to the animals for being so relaxed around the Cubs.

For more pictures see our Pets at Home gallery

Animal carer badge
We have now completed our work on the animal carer badge. If you came to Pets at Home, have introduced us to your pet and completed your animals in danger poster then you will have completed the badge. We haven’t had many posters in so far.
The badge requirements are available online. We consider that Pets at Home completed part 1, your pet care is part 2 and the poster is part 7. If you have not completed any of these but are part of a wildlife society (part 6) then let us know. Alternatively you could keep an eye on your garden over half term and let us know what birds, animals and insects you see (part 4).