Report: Farm to fork

Farm to fork miles – scroll down to see our food miles map which we’ve made using the information you sent us from your kitchens

Our pack meeting on 17 March 2015 took us outside the hall as we visited Tesco at Broadbridge Heath.

This was part of a new joint initiative between the Scout Association and Tesco which aims to teach young people all about where their food comes from and how to cook it.

Bagheera arranged for us to visit the Broadbridge Heath store. After designing our hats and getting fitted with the “farm to fork” tabards we headed for the shop floor. There we looked at fruit and veg to find out where it came from, visited the bakery to see how much bread is made in store and find out the recipe and popped along to the chillers to find out that there is more to milk than just the white stuff that comes from cows.

For more pictures please see our
farm to fork gallery

Thanks to Jacala for providing the photos

Those that followed us (@ParbrookCubs) on Twitter or checked the home page of the website for our Twitter feed got a picture from the store:

  • We’re in @Tesco looking at where the food comes from. Sweetcorn from Senegal? That’s a long way #farmtofork

Tesco liked the picture and said:

  • Oooh, love the hats and the clipboards, very professional! 😀


If you’d like to earn the special farm to fork badge then there is just a little bit more work to do at home.

As we did in the fruit and veg section we want you to look around your kitchen to find 5 items of food that have not come from the UK. List them on our form and decide which has come the furthest. Once we get all the answers in we’ll see who has the most travelled food and plot them on a map for all to see.

Enter your 5 items listing the shop, item and its source, e.g. “Tesco fresh sweetcorn from Senegal”. You can find out distances to distant countries on this website.

Farm to fork food miles

We’ve been using the information that you have sent us to make our own food miles map. it is interesting to see the thousands of miles that some of our basic food items have travelled. Ethan and Kinley reported our most travelled items with apples and pears from New Zealand, over 11,000 miles away.