Event: Weekend camp, Jun15

Our weekend camp in June takes us just up the road to Nowhurst where we’ll discover a web of spider themed activities during the weekend. There will be plenty of time for the usual camp fires and wide games too. It will be a level 3 camp as we will be sleeping in tents. Sunday is Father’s Day so we will be joined by some of the Dads for a fun day of activities.

Where: We will be camping on the Spider Site at Nowhurst Camp Site near Broadbridge Heath.

Directions: You will need to make your own way to and from the site. You may like to follow our directions. Whichever way you come you will end up on the narrow lanes so please drive carefully.

When: We start at 7pm on Friday 19 June and run through until 3.30pm on Sunday 21 June with a closing ceremony at 3.15pm. Our Father’s Day funday starts at 10am on Sunday.

What: We’ll have a full weekend of activities to keep us busy. On Sunday the Cubs and Dads will be cooking their own lunch on fires that they have made. We’ll also have plenty of time for games in the woods and a few other challenges on the way.

Who: Camp is open to all our invested members. Bookings have now closed and we have 13 Cubs (just 52% of the pack) on our guest list. They are: Theo, Isabella, Lucas, Ethan, Craig, Aiden, Robin, Jamie, Daniel, Kinley, Clementine and Max. We’re also pleased to be joined by Harry, one of our Cubs who recently flew up to Scouts.
We’ll have Marian looking after things in the kitchen and Jacala and Tabaqui will be joined by Hawkeye, John Harris and Matt Copley at camp plus Phoenix visiting us on Saturday. However, we still need a kitchen helper (you don’t have to camp unless you’d like to) in addition to those coming on Sunday.

Cost: As usual we are using our Parbrook Cashback to keep down the costs that you have to pay. Our camp fees for Cubs are £22 and you just need a £12 deposit to reserve your place. For Dads visiting on Sunday for the activities there is just a £5 charge.

Bring: The kit list shows all that you need to bring. There is nothing particularly unusual required for this camp. Remember that there is no electricity on site so you’ll need a good torch for those night time trips to the loo although the night is quite short at this time of year. Don’t forget that you must arrive at camp in your uniform.

Previous camps: We often visit the Spider Site at Nowhurst, both to camp and for our end of term evening in July. Have a look at our reports from past events to remind you what it is like – just click on the reports link at the top of the page.