Report: Bag packing 2014

Cub Scout Law
Cubs Scouts always do their best,
think of others before themselves and
do a good turn every day.

At Christmas the shops can be very busy and shoppers become increasingly frazzled. We like to do our good turn by helping the Budgens shoppers pack their bags on the two Saturdays before Christmas. We were pleased that 11 of our Cubs were able to take part and a special mention to Lauren and Lily who both did double shifts.

  • Saturday 13 Dec, 10 to 11.30 – Lily, Aiden, Adam P, Lauren
  • Saturday 13 Dec, 11.30 to 1 – Jim, Ethan, Lily
  • Saturday 20 Dec, 10 to 11.30 – Grace, Craig, Lauren, Olivia
  • Saturday 20 Dec, 11.30 to 1 – Isabella, Alex

Although this is not about raising money, we do have collection buckets for donations.


This year we collected £237 in week 1 and £210 in week 2 – making a grand total of £447. Our total was a little down on previous years because we only packed at the rear checkouts, thus missing the shoppers at the front of the store. The money we raise stays with Parbrook Cubs where we use it to subsidise our subs and camps, reducing the costs that you have to pay. Those that were able to help us will get a thank you from us in the form of a Subs discount in January.

We’re grateful to Budgens for continuing to let us help out their customers at Christmas. Thank you to all the shoppers who donated and well done to all our bag packers and helpers. All the Cubs that attended got extra points for the December points competition and it also counts towards their Promise challenge.

We have a few more pictures in our
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