Welcome back to the Autumn term

Welcome to the second half of the Autumn term. We’ve a couple of weeks of poppy related meetings to come before we get into the Christmas spirit for the rest of the term. Remember that you can download your copy of the programme and parent rota by clicking on the “this term” link at the top of the page. For more about the programme each week or dates coming up next year check our online calendar (on the right of this page).

Leaders & helpers
As we get our new team together we’re grateful for the support that we are getting from the parents on our weekly rota. We hope that we have given you interesting things to do and that you have had an enjoyable evening with us. If you’d like to help more regularly then do let us know.

Make sure that you hear about any last minute changes
On 14 October we had to change the location of our pack meeting at the last minute because of bad weather.  As usual the change was tweeted out and we also put a message on here and on Facebook. We encourage you get our tweets as text messages so that you can be sure of seeing our urgent messages. Our social media page shows you how to get our tweets as free text messages via 86444 and how to control your subscription.

Pack meeting changes
We want to give our Sixers and Seconds a more important role in our meetings. We also want to get the sixes working together better as a team. We’re incentivising this through our Cub and Six of the month competition but will also be trying something new for the rest of the term. We’ll be taking the Sixers and Seconds off at the start of each meeting to brief them on their duties for that evening. it means that we’ll be starting with a game at 6.30pm (and you’ll still get your +10 points if you are there on time) but we’ll delay Grand Howl and inspection until about 6.45pm.

Artist badge
We haven’t done much badgework this term so far but in the next few weeks you will get the chance to gain two badges. The first is the artist badge. We will be doing two of the activities (potato prints and greetings cards) in our Christmas 4-pack programmes so that just leaves you one thing to do at home. You can either design a Christmas stamp in the 1st Billingshurst competition (closes 14 Nov) or design a badge for the Sussex 100 camp in 2016. You can of course take part in both competitions

Christmas 4-pack
You may have seen this on the programme and wondered what it means. We run our 4-pack programmes when we have 4 different activities for the Cubs to do. Each week the sixes will move onto a new activity so that by the end of the 4 weeks they will have completed them all. This time our 4 activities are:

  • making and icing gingerbread
  • cracker making (you need to bring in a cardboard tube, e.g. the inside of a toilet roll for this activity so please start saving them)
  • potato printing to make Christmas wrapping paper
  • making a Christmas tree decoration/greetings card

Compass update
The rollout Compass, the new online records system that is being introduced by Scout HQ has proved more tricky than expected. We still don’t have access and therefore you can’t yet check your information. We’ll keep you posted as news trickles out of Scout HQ.

See our Subs Explained document if you want to understand how we can make our Subs different to the other sections. We can only do this because of the money you have raised us through our Easyfundraising site. We think it is important to recognise this so we have decided that the discount will only be available to our registered Easyfundraising supporters. If you haven’t already signed up then do visit www.easyfundraising.org.uk/parbrookcubs so that you can claim your discount.
Most of you have already paid your Subs this term but if you were invested before half term then you’ll need to pay us for a half term. That will be £15 or £10 if you have signed up to our Easyfundraising.

Events still to come this term

Lord Mayor’s Show, Saturday 8 November
We’ll be heading up to London on Saturday to see the Lord Mayor’s Show, the Tower of London poppies and some of the Remembrance events. Sadly David Cameron blocked our visit to Downing Street so we won’t be able to go inside the gates but we have plenty to see without him. Go to events > Lord Mayor’s Show for more information and remember to complete the health form if you are on our guest list.

Remembrance Sunday parade, Sunday 9 November
We are again taking part in the village parade. Go to events > Remembrance Sunday for all the arrangements and keep fingers crossed for a dry day.

Overnight camp, 6-7 December
We’ll be holding our usual overnight camp in the hall on the first weekend in December. Being just one night and so local gives a good opportunity for first time campers. We’ve already got 12 cubs on the list but there is still time to add your name. During the weekend we’ll be working on the navigator badge but also hope to have games on the field and visit the woods. If you are on our guest list you must complete a health form. You also need to confirm whether you are arriving at 10am or 1pm. You can do that on our reply form. For more information see events > overnight camp.

Bag packing in Budgens, Saturdays 13 & 20 December
We like to do our bit to help the community so in the busy period in the run up to Christmas we have arranged to do bag packing at Budgens. Although this is not about raising money, we do have collection buckets for donations and last year collected over £520. The money we raise stays with Parbrook Cubs where we use it to subsidise our subs and camps, reducing the costs that you have to pay. We can’t cope with the whole pack at once so have divided the sessions up. Please let us know which one you can do by returning the reply form. For more information see events > bag packing.

Next term
We already have a few dates in the spring term. You’ll find them in our calendar that is on the right of this page. Events include the District Quiz, the Scout and Guide day at London Irish and a District trip to Portsmouth Dockyard. Keep checking the calendar as we’ll add our camp dates in just as soon as they are confirmed.

Painless fundraising
I do seem to go on a lot about our painless fundraising but hopefully you’ll have spotted the real difference it makes to the running of our pack as we continue to do more for less. It is only by using this extra income that we are able to reduce your contribution to subs by £10 a term, to continue to subsidise our camps and expeditions and to invest in new equipment for the pack. We all benefit – but only if you help us by raising the money in the first place.
By shopping online (at www.easyfundraising.org.uk/parbrookcubs) you can raise money for us at no extra cost. With over 3000 online shops to choose from there is something for everybody. You won’t remember them all so download the “donation reminder” toolbar (recently updated so that it works even better) and you’ll never miss a commission again. There is now a new ipad and iphone app so that you can be sure of getting donations on your mobile device. Thanks to everybody already supporting us this way. While the donations stay with Parbrook Cubs for us to use, the group also benefits as it can claim back Gift Aid on our donations (if you ticked that box when you registered).

As ever, please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns about our activities.


Nick Layt, Jacala
on behalf of the Parbrook Cub Leaders