Joining: Weekend camp

The start of our weekend camp is fast approaching. We’ve ordered the food, packed the kit, planned the programme and worked out the tent plan so we’re just about ready to go. To make sure you are ready too, here are the final arrangements. This page will have the latest news before camp and remember to follow us on Twitter @ParbrookCubs for updates during the weekend.

When is the camp?

The camp is this weekend – from Friday evening 12 September through to Sunday afternoon 14 September. On Friday evening the Cubs should arrive from 7pm. Please don’t come early as we won’t be ready for you. If you think you might be much later than this please let us know.
On Sunday afternoon the camp ends with our closing ceremony at 3.15pm. We hope to be off site at 3.30pm.

Where is the camp?

The camp is being held at Nowhurst Girl Guide Camp site, which is just off the A281 near Broadbridge Heath. You will need to make your own way to the site. We are camping in the Spider site (which is the one we had our end of term evening on). You must park in the central car park and then carry your gear to where we are camping.

How do we get there?

You will need to make your own way to and from camp. See for directions. Once you turn onto Nowhurst Lane you will find that access is via a long, narrow road with the signed camp site entrance the second turning on the left. Please be considerate to other users including parents that may be leaving the site as you arrive. A one way system operates through the camp site. Please enter leave the car park by the exit which takes you past the Pond site.

What to wear

You must arrive wearing your uniform top. This means your cub sweatshirt/t-shirt and group scarf. Uniform trousers are not required.

What to bring

We’ve published the kit list which tells you what else to bring. Make sure that you bring a warm, waterproof coat as we will be outside for much of the time, whatever the weather. Remember that there is no electricity on site so you’ll need a good torch for those night time trips to the loo and the evenings are getting dark quite early now. The weather is getting colder at night too so make sure you bring at least 1 warm blanket to keep you cosy overnight plus your welly boots for first thing in the morning when the grass is wet.

What about food?

As usual with these camps, the first food we will be providing will be a hot drink and biscuit before bed. You should make sure that you have had your tea before you come. Apart from that we will be providing a full service of meals through from Saturday breakfast until Sunday lunchtime so there is no need to bring your own supplies. We don’t allow food or drink in the tents, not even water bottles. We will have squash or water available at all times so please don’t bring your own. Sweets in the tents cause litter and can attract insects. We do not allow the Cubs to have sweets at camp.

Pills and potions

If you require any medication during the weekend please ensure that it is clearly labelled and handed into to a leader (not buried deep in a bag) when you arrive at camp. If you sometimes need an inhaler for asthma please remember to bring it. Activities at camp can be strenuous and tired Cubs are more liable to need their inhalers.

What if I need to get in touch with the leaders?

We can’t always guarantee a mobile signal at camp so you can phone Akela on 784092 if you need advice or to get in touch with those of us at camp.

Last minute checklist

This note and all the forms you need are available on the web site. We’ll keep the web page updated until Friday lunchtime. After that all updates will be via Twitter so remember to follow @parbrookcubs, text follow parbrookcubs to 86444 or check our twitter feed at

We are looking forward to a great weekend. Please check the weather forecast and come prepared for the cool nights. If you have any last minute questions or concerns do get in touch. Contact information is provided on the kit list.