Welcome to the Autumn term

Welcome to the Autumn term. As usual we have a lot coming up, even if the term does seem to rush towards Christmas with a poppy stop on the way. Check our online calendar (on the right of this page) for more detail about each week’s programme. Although we have no Akela at the moment we hope that we’ll be able to get everybody involved to keep things going until a new pack leader can be found.

Leaders & helpers
On the subject of leaders, we’re delighted to welcome Kerry Plumtree to our team – she’ll be known as Bagheera and will be starting her training to become a uniformed leader. We’re also pleased to welcome Steve Bridle to our team as a helper. He visited us at Summer Camp where the Cubs chose the name of Kaa for him. Unfortunately we won’t be able to see him every week but we hope that he’ll also become a regular face at our meetings. In addition, Nova Bridle will be helping out on several weeks this term. We’re really pleased to welcome them all to our team.
When we had our parent meeting last term we said that we’d introduce a parent rota so that we have two extra adults each week to help us with our meetings. Hathi has now prepared the rota for this term and we’ve also put together a page with additional information for our helpers – you can download both from the “this term” menu at the top of the page.

Last term we asked you to shape Parbrook Cubs by completing our questionnaire. So what did you tell us and what are we doing about it? See our questionnaire results page for all the details.

Your questionnaire responses show that most of you welcome our £10 subs discount so it is something that we continue this term. See our Subs Explained document if you want to understand how we can do this. We can only do this because of the money you have raised us through our Easyfundraising site. We think it is important to recognise this so we have decided that the discount will only be available to our registered Easyfundraising supporters. If you haven’t already signed up then do visit www.easyfundraising.org.uk/parbrookcubs so that you can claim your discount.

Dealing with your money
We’ve been a bit concerned that the financial records seem to have proved difficult in recent terms. There has been a lot of confusion over who has paid what so we’re trying a different approach this time. We’ve decided to base Raksha in the small hall for the first few weeks of term. When you send in your reply slips and money they should be given to her. She’ll make sure that the records are up to date and we’ll publish a table on the website that shows who has paid what. That way you can check the guest lists for events and know that your money has been received. We have a few outstanding queries about Subs from last term so will be in touch separately if we need you to clarify when you paid your subs.

Compass is coming (eventually)
Compass is the new online records system that is being introduced by Scout HQ. It was planned to arrive in West Sussex in July so that the leaders could get it all up to date during the holidays. However, like many other large IT projects it has had a few problems. We’re now expecting it in October and will give you more information then as we’ll be taking the opportunity to check that the information we hold about you is still correct. One of the benefits should be that you can log on and see your own records too.

Events in the Summer term
It was great to see so many of you at our end of term evening at Nowhurst in July. The weather was kind to us although the time always races by and there was not much time for campfire songs. Photos from the evening are available via our reports page.
Although the weather was a bit tricky at times we had a great time on Summer Camp at Downe. We’d cut the camp down to three nights but still managed to fit in abseiling and the crate challenge plus a visit to Charles Darwin’s House. We have 599 photos from the camp to process but hopefully our report will be online soon. Even better news is that camp came in under budget (thanks as usual to Marian and her catering). This means that we will be returning £15 to all those that paid for camp. We’ll do this as a credit when you pay for this terms events.
We started our sunflower competition early in the term and have had some good pictures of your growing plants. Hopefully they are nice and tall now and in flower. If so, please send us a sunflower selfie so that we can update our sunflower gallery.

Events this term

Weekend camp, 12-14 September
Our Scouting skills weekend is fast approaching. We closed the guest list at the end of last term so now just need health forms and the balance of your camp fees. Go to events > weekend camp for more information.

Lord Mayor’s Show, Saturday 9 November
We’ll be heading up to London in November to see the Lord Mayor’s Show and some of the Remembrance events. Go to events > Lord Mayor’s Show for more information and let us know if you’d like to come by returning the reply form with your payment.

Overnight camp, 6-7 December
We’ll be holding our usual overnight camp in the hall on the first weekend in December. Being just one night and so local gives a good opportunity for first time campers. We’ll publish more details after half term but let us know if you’d like to come by returning the reply form with your camp fees.

Join our team
I’m always grateful for the support that we get from you, the Cub parents. Whether it is taking kit to camp or helping out in a busy pack meeting I know that the support is available. Everybody has skills that we can use and we’d like to make the best of them. We call it Team Parbrook.
We’re looking for new adults to join our team on a regular basis so if you have been thinking about some things that you’d like the Cubs to do or fancy getting more involved in our camps and expeditions do please get in touch. Since Akela left last term we have fewer uniformed leaders than we’d like which can cause problems when one of us is unavailable. We want to make sure that Parbrook remains the best Cub pack in the area but can only do that with your help. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more about how to get more involved, even if you can’t help us every week.

Painless fundraising
I do seem to go on a lot about our painless fundraising but hopefully you’ll have spotted the real difference it makes to the running of our pack as we continue to do more for less. It is only by using this extra income that we are able to reduce your contribution to subs by £10 a term, to continue to subsidise our camps and expeditions and to invest in new equipment for the pack. We all benefit – but only if you help us by raising the money in the first place.
By shopping online (at www.easyfundraising.org.uk/parbrookcubs) you can raise money for us at no extra cost. With over 3000 online shops to choose from there is something for everybody. You won’t remember them all so download the “donation reminder” toolbar and you’ll never miss a commission again. Thanks to everybody already supporting us this way. While the donations stay with Parbrook Cubs for us to use, the group also benefits as it can claim back Gift Aid on our donations (if you ticked that box when you registered).

As ever, please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns about our activities.


Nick Layt, Jacala
on behalf of the Parbrook Cub Leaders