Questionnaire responses

Last term we asked you to complete a questionnaire to help shape the future of Parbrook Cubs. We had 15 replies and have used them to inform us as we planned the autumn term.

We’ve summarised the responses in the graphic – click on it to view a larger version and scroll down to see what we are doing with your answers.

Questionnaire responses

 Question Results What we are doing
Would like us to continue to subsidise our Subs to give you a £10 discount or should we charge the same as the rest of the group? 14 (93%) said to keep the discount From this term our £10 discount will be available to those who support us through Easyfundriaising (where the money comes from to give the reduction). This means that those who don’t support us in this way – or those that would rather pay it will pay the group standard £30 amount.
Are you registered for Easyfundraising to support us when you shop online? 8 (53%) were registered We encourage all our members to register. It’s free and entitles you to a £10 subs discount each term.
How would you like to get updates from us? 13 (87%) said that they would prefer an e-mail with clickable links. However, you’d prefer not to get too many messages and some would like an notification when the website is updated We’ll send you an e-mail but no more than one a week in normal circumstances. The website updates automatically send a message to Twitter and Facebook so that is how to get those notifications
Have you “liked” Parbrook Cubs on Facebook? 7 (46%) already like us, 3 (20%) use Facebook but haven’t like us and 5 (33%) don’t use Facebook We encourage you to go to and “like” us. You’ll get messages in your timeline when the website is updated
Do you follow us on Twitter?  4 (27%) follow us, 2 (13%) get updates via 86444, 4 (27%) get updates from the website and 5 (33%) don’t see updates We encourage you to follow us on Twitter via If you turn on notifications or text follow parbrookcubs to 86444 you can get free text messages when we tweet.
Do you look at our reports from past events on the website? 13 (87%) said that they do look at the reports We’ll continue to publish a report after our events. We think it is great to be able to look back and see what happened and it also gives our new members a taste of what we do. Just click on “reports” on the menu at the top of the page
Did you look at our website before you joined us? Only 6 (40%) said that they had looked at the website first We were surpised at the low score as we think that it makes sense to check us out before you join.
How often do you look at the website? 6 (40%) said they look occasionally, 8 (53%) said that they look each week and 1 (7%) said they look more frequently We encourage you to check the website but of course you can wait until Facebook or Twitter tells you it has been updated. The “Latest news” section on the top left of the page lists the three most recent postings
What day would you prefer to have our weekend events (when we have the opportunity to choose it) 3 (20%) prefer Saturday, 1 (7%) preferred Sunday and 11 (73%) said either day Bagheera works on a Saturday so cannot join us for activities on those days. We hope to be able to schedule some Sunday activities but often we don’t have the choice
How long should Summer Camp be? 1 (7%) said that our camps should be restricted to weekends, 7 (47%) said 3 days was long enough and 7 (47%) said a week would be fine We were disappointed at the low numbers wanting to camp for a week this year but will probably try again next year – subject to leader availability
Do we do the right amount of camping? 11 (73%) said that we do the right amount Parbrook has always prided itself on having at least one night away a term. You have backed this approach. Some suggested camping at half term but we know that our attendance drops off that week so do not plan to camp that week.

We’re very grateful to everybody that completed our questionnaire and hope that you feel that we’ve taken your views into account