Event: Lord Mayor’s Show

On Saturday 8 November 2014 we will be visiting London to see the Lord Mayor’s Show and a few of the other sights.

Where: We will start from Billingshurst station as we will be travelling to London by train.

When: You should meet at the station at 0845 as we plan to catch the 0901 train. Coming back we hope to arrive at 1814 (If we should we miss that train the next arrival is due at 1844). You can check for train delays on National Rail’s Billingshurst arrivals page. We’ll tweet to confirm which train we are on. UPDATE – we caught 1632 from Victoria so should be in early at 1744

What: After a trip to Victoria on the train we expect to visit Buckingham Palace before heading to Tower Hill on the District Line. We’ll do our best to have a look at the poppies through the crowds at the Tower of London before returning to Blackfriars and the Embankment. We’ll have our lunch as we get into position to see the parade go past. After that we will walk back along the Embankment to Trafalgar Square and Horseguards Parade to Whitehall. We’ll have a look into Downing Street as we pass. We had hoped to get permission to go into Downing Street as we have done in previous years but this was turned down by Number 10. Then it is on to the field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey before we make our way back to Victoria, passing Scotland Yard on the way.

Approximate timings for the day:

  • 1016 – arrive at Victoria station (toilet stop)
  • 1100 – Buckingham Palace – including Changing of the Guard (if it falls on our day) at 1130
  • 1130 – St James’s Park (toilet stop) – see the birds and squirrels
  • 1200 – London Underground to Tower Hill
  • 1215 – View the poppies at the Tower of London
  • 1245 – Back on the Underground to Blackfriars. walk along the Embankment to a suitable vantage point. Lunch
  • 1310 – Lord Mayor’s procession starts from Temple
  • 1430 – End of the procession including Lord Mayor’s coach
  • 1500 – Embankment (toilet stop)
  • 1530 – Downing Street (we are not allowed to go into Downing Street this year)
  • 1600 – Big Ben
  • 1615 – Westminster Abbey Field of Remembrance
  • 1630 – Bus to Victoria
  • 1702 – Train home, arrives Billingshurst at 1814

Lord Mayor’s Show: The Lord Mayor’s procession winds through nearly 800 years of London’s history, marching unscathed through everything from the black death to the blitz. The loyalty of the Lord Mayor is less questionable now than it was in 1215, but the newly elected Mayor must still make his way to the Royal Courts of Justice to pledge allegiance to the Crown, just as Dick Whittington did in 1397 (and again in 1406 and 1419). As you watch the Lord Mayor’s coach go by, remember that someone stood in exactly that spot 450 years ago to watch a camel on its way to meet Elizabeth I. The modern procession is over three miles long. It travels from Mansion House to the Royal Courts of Justice, where the Lord Mayor takes an oath of allegiance to the sovereign before the Lord Chief Justice and the judges of the Queen’s Bench Division. The procession sets off on the return journey from Victoria Embankment to Mansion House at 1pm and returns to Mansion House at about 2.30. We see it on its return journey. You can find out more on the Lord Mayors Show website. We normally expect to see the Christ’s Hospital school band and the Scout Association amongst others.

Cost: The cost for Cubs is £6. We’ve got a lot of interest from both Cubs and adults in this trip and have worked out that we’ll need to charge the adults £6 too. As the adult fare is £19.60 return (although we’ll get it for £12.95) this is still quite a bargain. We’ll still be using our Parbrook Cashback to subsidise the amount that you have to pay.

Who: This trip has been open to all our Cubs but the guest list is now closed.
At 4 November the guest list is as follows:

  • 12 Cubs: Theo, Lauren, Ethan, Craig, Aiden, Lily, Luke, Adam S, Daniel, James, Holly & Harry
  • 2 other children (Joshua and Megan) plus young leader Tabaqui
  • 11 Adults: Jacala, Hathi, Hawkeye, Raksha, plus 7 other adults

Wear: You should wear clothes appropriate to the weather on the day. There will be quite a bit of walking so you should wear strong, comfortable shoes. You will need to wear your uniform top (with a poppy) and your scarf. Because you’ll need to look smart at Remembrance Sunday you do not need to wear your uniform trousers on this trip. Similar dark trousers preferred and not jeans as they will be uncomfortable if they get wet. Do check the forecast and bring appropriate waterproofs. It can be a bit cool down by the river so make sure that you have a warm layer in your bag to put on if required.

Bring: You should bring a small daysack containing a waterproof, drink and a packed lunch. If you bring your lunch in a disposable container then we can get rid of the rubbish and avoid having to carry it round all day. Toilets in London all cost money to use so please bring a 50p, 20p and 10p. The poppy sellers can be relentless in the parade so you could bring some small change to give to them. You may also like to bring a quiet activity to do on the train which is likely to be very busy and a plastic bag to sit on when we get to the Embankment. You will need to carry your own bag so don’t make it too heavy!

Paperwork: if you are on our guest list you will need to complete our online consent form giving up to date emergency contact information for the day. We need a form for each child in our group and remember that you cannot be the emergency contact if you are travelling with us.

On the day: As usual we’ll be tweeting updates from our day. You can read them on the homepage of the website, by following @ParbrookCubs on Twitter or by having our tweets sent as text messages to your phone (text get parbrookcubs to 86444 for our latest message). See our Twitter page for more information.

Photos: We last did this trip in 2012. Raksha says that it is always dry for the Lord Mayor’s Show (except 2008 when it poured down!). You can see our photos from: