Pack meeting – end of term

We’ll end the Summer Term in our traditional way with an evening at Nowhurst camp site. We hope that other family members and friends of the pack will come along to join us at the camp fire as we say farewell to Akela.

When: Our pack meeting will take place on Tuesday 22 July. We’ll start at 6.30pm as usual but end at 8.30pm.

Where: We will be using  the Spider Site at Nowhurst Camp Site near Broadbridge Heath.

Directions: You will need to make your own way to and from the site. You may like to follow our directions. Once you turn onto Nowhurst Lane you will find that access is via a narrow road (see site map). Please be considerate to other users including parents that may be leaving the site as you arrive. The site entrance is signed and is the second turn on the left – it is always tempting to go up the first road but please resist! A one way system operates through the camp site. Please enter by the first entrance and then leave the car park by the exit. We are using the Spider site but you will need to leave your car in the central car park and carry your gear to the site. Whichever way you come you will end up on the narrow lanes so please drive carefully.

What: We’ll start the evening by collecting firewood and then Raksha will build the fire while we have a wide game. We’ll then invest our new Cubs before we end the evening with a camp fire.

Who: We hope to see all our Cubs but also extend an invitation to other family members and friends of our pack. We’ll be saying goodbye to Akela as it will be her last pack meeting with us.

Cost: There is no charge for attending this event

Bring: You must arrive at camp in your uniform top and scarf. Bring a folding chair to use at the camp fire. Check the weather forecast before you come in case other clothing is required, e.g. waterproof top.

Insects: The Spider site has a pond nearby and if the weather has been wet the insects can be rather hungry. If you are targetted by such creatures we suggest using some insect repellant before you come.

Previous camps: We last camped on the Spider Site in June 2013. You can see the pictures from our Gold Rush camp online

Future camps: We’ll be camping on the Spider Site in September and are still adding names to our guest list. See the weekend camp page for more information and let us know (plus a £10 deposit) if you’d like to come.

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