Joining: Amberley Museum

Our trip to Amberley is on Saturday 24 May and we can now confirm the arrangements.

Meet: At Billingshurst railway station, Tesco side, at 9.30am. We will be catching the 0945 train to Amberley. Don’t be late as the train won’t wait.
We’ll return on the 1717 from Amberley, due in to Billingshurst at 1729.

Wear: You must wear your uniform but also bring other clothes appropriate to the weather on the day. We hoped this might mean a sun hat but it increasingly looks as if it might mean a waterproof. There is a lot of walking during the day so make sure you have comfy, stout shoes.

Extras: There is a chance that we may be able to do some wood turning. This will cost 50p extra (please put exact money in) but will be a limited activity on the day as they won’t be able to get through 500 cubs.
We’ll also be meeting visiting author Helen Dennis, author of the “Secret Breakers” books. You might even be able to buy her new 5th book in the series for £6 – a 15% discount.

Bring: You will need to bring a packed lunch and drink plus a water bottle to keep you refreshed during the day. Pack it all in a day sack that you can carry. You should also bring a pen/pencil to allow you to complete the worksheets and challenges during the day.

Pocket money: We will get a chance to visit the shop but this will be for souvenirs rather than sweets. We suggest that you limit pocket money to £3, plus a spare 50p coin if you want to try the wood turning.

Timetable: We will be able to make our own way to most of the activities during the day. We will stay together as a group all day (except Jacala who has some duties at the station). Our ticket includes one trip on the steam train and one trip on the bus.

  • 0957: Arrive Amberley and book in
  • 1335: Go to Humphrey’s Barn to meet Helen Dennis
  • 1445: Time to visit the shop
  • 1700: Museum closes
  • 1717: Train departs Amberley

Watch out for “Jimmy Bond” who will be wandering the site, asking questions about Scouting and giving some codes to solve for special prizes.

Badges: Those that have completed all the tasks will be presented with their communicators badges before leaving the site. You will also get a special (non-uniform) souvenir badge of the day.

Guest list: We paid the organisers before Easter which seems ages ago so here is a reminder of the 11 Cubs and 3 adults who are on our Guest List to accompany Jacala and Raksha:

  • Alex plus Nova and Steve
  • Josh GE
  • Craig plus John
  • Lily
  • Ollie
  • Gareth
  • Olivia
  • James
  • Harry

Unfortunately 2 Cubs have dropped out since we sent our names to the organisers so we now only have 9 in our party

Paperwork: As usual we need to have a completed health form for each Cub on our trip. We can now accept these online so please complete the online health form. On the day Jacala will collect mobile numbers from the adults so that we can all keep in touch.

Hopefully that will give you all the information that you need but if not do use the comments facility to let us know your question.