Report: Bee survey

We’d received some resources from @wildaboutplants. The charity Plantlife is asking for people to survey their local area to look for flowers that are bee friendly so that is what we did in our pack meeting on 13 May 2014.

We didn’t have the printed sheets to use so Jacala wrote the questions on the blackboard and the Cubs copied them out.

We started off on the recreation ground but apart from the area by the stream it was rather lacking in flowers – except dandelions. Down by the stream we managed to find some white deadnettle, bramble and thistle so that was not too bad.

We went up the road to Station Road Gardens. The new planting includes a wild flower meadow and we found a number of bees already busily in residence – especially on the cranesbill. We also added red and white campion to our list.

The hardest to find was red clover. However, in the roadside grass verges there was plenty out in flower – it just hadn’t made it into our meadows.

Resources to download

For more pictures please see our bee survey gallery