Tallest sunflower competition

We’ve started off our tallest sunflower competition by planting our seeds. Over the next few months we want you to keep us posted with progress in growing your sunflowers. When we get to the summer we can start to see who has grown the tallest flower. No sponsors or any funny business – this is just for fun although it will be nice to wander round the village and see all the sunflowers.

We sent each Cub home with a pot, some soil, two seeds and a plastic bag. Hopefully the soil was still in the pot and the seeds are buried in the soil.

You now need to moisten the soil (don’t flood it) and put the pot back into the plastic bag. Tie up the top so that it is sealed and put the pot onto a bright windowsill. Over the next few days you should see the bag gradually steam up as it acts like a little greenhouse. There should be plenty of moisture in there to allow the seed to germinate.

When you see green shoots let us know. Then you can take your pot out of the bag and let the seeds grow. Eventually your plants should be big enough to plant outside where they can really get growing.

You won’t have to bring them back to Cubs – we’ll accept photos as your plants grow taller.


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