Report: Astronomer’s badge weekend, 7th – 9th February 2014

For our spring term night away we returned to Earleywood Camp site near Ascot. While Billingshurst was being battered by severe weather we had a lovely, if rather muddy, time. During the weekend we worked on the astronomer’s badge but had plenty of time for other camp activities too. This was a level 2 camp as we slept on the floor of the activity centre.

Each Cub researched an astronomical subject and presented their findings to the rest of the group. We also made solar system maps and star scopes. With our friends at 2nd Bracknell being just down the road we were pleased to be visited by Baloo and Marian had the help of Steve in the kitchen on Saturday.

There are over 80 pictures from the weekend in our Astronomer’s badge gallery

Those that followed us (@ParbrookCubs) on Twitter or checked the home page of the website for our Twitter feed got extra information (including pictures) from camp as it happened:

  • Everybody managed the navigational challenge and made it to camp safely. Now we can get things started (Fri)
  • Quiet night at camp. Some heavy rain about 4.30am but missed the wind. Cubs slept through it all but torches on now (Sat)
  • Sunny at camp so we’re taking the chance to explore the site. Cubs doing their alien sign (Sat)
  • Back outside for a game of Klingons v the Federation. Yes, it is a bit muddy (Sat)
  • Back inside for lunch in the warm. Fruit going down nicely (Sat)
  • Well done to everybody for their planet research. Time to draw our own solar system maps (Sat)
  • We were pleased to be joined by Baloo from @2ndBracknell who came to help out with our activities (Sat)
  • It has taken a while but the rain has arrived. Shame it couldn’t have waited until the end of our game (Sat)
  • Good morning. Lie in for the Cubs as all quiet until 7.30. Sausages and spaghetti hoops for breakfast (Sun)
  • We’re mapping out the solar system – looking back from Jupiter to the sun (the hut) with the other cubs as planets (Sun)
  • Chilly outside but the Cubs enjoyed a sunny run around. Back inside now for warming hot chocolate (Sun)